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The Paradise Of God To Come

A Shadow of biblical, even phenomenon things to come Lord Urusalim take us not only on this journey but into the most sort after soul and heart voyage soon arriving us right into the third heavens. The time of the bridegroom, of the marriage supper of the Lamb hath come and not only is Maaseiah invited but is she shockingly enough the primary sort after bridegroom soon to be crown Lord Urusalim . Totally flabbergasted and spiritually inundated at what she’s both hearing and seeing, does this mind-boggling experience all the more clarify certain mysteries always plaguing her life.

Lord Urusalim

Clearly what’s to happen once the church bride is taken out of what heavens host descries as the evil to come, as a darkness that is nearing for its final obstruction? Miraculously what will she see, hear and most of all experience? Totally and completely spontaneous created of this apostle’s redeemed heart, mind and soul. Of many of the divine experiences allowed her all through the years, even those of her own amazing dreams, visions and visitations to heaven, all remarkably told and testified in this work, who will believe this fantastic report?

And A Voice Like A Trumpet Crying Come Up Hither

-The prophet Isaiah asked ’Who Shall Believe our Report and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? This question wasn’t about to whom God would unveil his secrets, God has no secrets but to whom would God unveil Himself, His divine Order, even the gracious desires of His Heart. I remember when Elohim conversed among themselves whether to explain to Father Abraham what plans they had for sin cities Sodom and Gomorrah, how Noah and his house alone knew God was about to destroy the entire evil world of man by a major, cataclysmic flood.
-Of course, eventually there would be the gift of Prophecy, ordain men and women of trust would be given. Why? So there would again be no mysteries, no deception, so those hearing the prophet unto belief would know the great sorrows always until God’s Kingdom coming awaiting them just over the horizon. Thus and so is the short insert below simply a reminder how without Christ’s Cross fulfillment, as so God’s divine Kingdom to follow there’s no hope for mankind, there’s nothing but more of the same, no type of true value on this earth and then they genocide.
-Plainly it’s a curse, repeatedly there’s pain, sorrows, anguish and death and even after death there’s the Great White Throne Judgment. Although unto those sleeping in him and remaining and looking to his, Christ Jesus promised return there’s more than a jubilant escape, there’s the throne of heaven. John the revelator himself hath declared and after this I looked and behold a door was open in heaven and the first voice I heard was as it were a trumpet saying “Come Up Hither’ and I will show you things which must be hereafter….The Spirit and the Bride Say Come! Indeed This Apostle Say, Come!

From Beast Of Beauty, The Throne Of Heaven

-Born to a Seminole Indian Mother Maaseiah Adonai, unto Tiffany Ann a New York bred, world renown Model/ Fashion/Designer. Although now unto the throne of God soon to be dubbed Lord Urusalim, meaning Jerusalem, city of peace what an extraordinary journey. Indeed ‘The Throne Of Heaven’ is a fascinating imaginary look into the overall working of God’s kingdom, especially from the now risen church bride point of view, Maaseiah Adonai.
-This Apostle remember what now seem like ages ago, I looked into a dream or a memory whereas I was being carried off, or away from everything I knew and held dear despite how horribly I’d suffered down through the years. Clearly do I as well remember He carrying me off so miraculously and downheartedly was the Supreme Father Himself.
-At the same time He was showing me a church, a sanctuary, one unlike anything I’d seen or experienced on the earth before. I at this time was representative of the church bride, thus the unpronounced church that would rise so phenomenally after this great gathering of saints could only have been the tribulation saints.
-Justly where they so amazing, so truly Holy Spirit, I remember forewarning this Father so Holy how He was to be careful, lest they, these Tribulation Saints so Holy will take His heart. Now you’re to imagine through this work ‘The Throne Of Heaven‘, just what possibly transpired once the church bride at an appointed time inconceivable went on to experience. Truly eyes hath not seen, nor ears heard, neither hath it entered into the hearts of man the things God hath prepared for those who love Him.

…And He Showed Me A Pure River Of Water Of Life
Scene I

-“Who are you and what am I doing here? You have been brought here Maaseiah as the time of your appointment hath come. My appointment? The true reason that you are come into the world and now to here. Is this a dream, is that what this is? It is not a dream, you’re actually here as so am I. Then I’m dead, that's what this is, no and yes, you’re dead afar from the world but alive for all eternity as in heaven bound. Who are you? I know you don’t I? You seem so familiar yet such the foreigner, tell me this is a dream and it’ll all make, I can’t do that, it’s of no truth and thus I’m without said liberty. This is heaven? If this is heaven then I’m either dead or dreaming, you Maaseiah have been bidden to the marriage supper of the lamb, there can be such the like marriage without you, the bride. The what? At bringing stinging emotions to the forefront, even along the design of her perfect facial structure at having too plenty to mention dreams but was this a doozy. “This is our father’s house,” as to showcase to her in a way rather remarkable were his efforts literally unrealizable that he's to persuade her his directive. “You’re now in one of its many mansions, I’m not staying here,” as to leap into a run away although the door, the seeming exit ahead wasn’t a door, not as in a way out. Just as soon there was nothing but space, clouds, unto the unspeakable universe and soon a display of the entirety of the earth below. "My god," again activating a flood of tears along her face at the sudden, rather abrupt reminder it was all real. “My god I remember this, I stood here and I spoke to the masses of the earth below, I spoke to them all in one tongue. A tongue unfamiliar to me,” ideally positioning Him with this marvelous testimonial, marvelous countenance to marvelous countenance, eye to eye, "but familiar to the entire world as one. I remember the feel of those unfamiliar words rushing through every vein of my being, an actuality my Lord above and beyond any comprehension, there was such a peace, such a liberation, a humbling grand-stand. It wasn’t a dream Maaseiah but a memory and it was a reminder from which you’d come and to where you would go. "What do you mean it’s wasn’t a dream?" Additionally spilling old tears to new what was happening and why to her? Indeed how astonishing it all was, how remarkably implausible, unwordable. "Some of the things I remember as you say could only be performed by Supreme God’s deeming me only a by-stander. I can only Maaseiah speak the truth, this I tell you is the truth, then where are they? The chosen at transferring me from spirit to flesh, they are of course as you’ve always suspected cared after by one of the many rooms here. I know Maaseiah you’re to have many questions, but those who will prepare you for thy final and eternal purpose of all are here to assist you. Wait," as one questionably grabbing his hands into a physical astonishment unparalleled did this sweet, wholly incredulous interlude obscure her the more. "My god what was that?" As if she’s to be pleasantly shocked by electrical currents all over and through what indeed a titillating, even exhilarating plight. "My god what was that?" As one blinking and swallowing back new tears what, how indeed who were these blood startling occurrences, if she still had blood, what was happening to her? "I touched you and it was like I became you, that in a second I became all things that you were, are and shall for all eternity be. What was that? It is Maaseiah what you are, it is what we shall be for life, wed-lock everlasting, now trust me," as to passionately touch her temple did she just as soon lose consciousness at gingerly collapsing into his magnificent arms, passionate heart away.

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