Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah IX

…And The Leaves Of The Tree Where For The Healing Of The Nation…
Scene IX

-"There has my Lord been a breach, the higher gate north, ---he would dare come in by way of those higher places? And to the place my Lord you and yours hath so recently been, may I ask where is Lord Urusalim? She rest Lord Gabriel as she should, now let us lay waste to these intruders. It wasn’t our Maaseiah king evil,” coming upon him hurriedly was Lucifer with insidious intent set all around as he yet coveted the Heavenly Throne. “It must have been a plant of yours, one very clever, as you’re to use said allegation at researching and thus accusing these heavens, no my Lord, she was no invader or impostor of mine own, these heavens are in default and why the truth yet isn’t known. You tried the same thing ancients ago when Elder Enoch and Elijah whereabouts were questioned, nothing ancient wickedness came of it then and nothing will come of it now. You release her to me or I’ll, you’re what?" "Fall down now, ---what did you say?" Turning upon this heavenly throne with wrath and with toil were these manners of visits, thus allegations soon to be a thing of the ancient past forever. "I think great abomination I distinctively heard Lord Prince say, fall down now, ---if it isn’t Sir Gabriel and his marionette Raphael, we have never black of the morning cared about what you’re to think, why should we care now? Simply Lords point out this Maaseiah’s keep to me and mine, we’ll do the rest, ah haven’t you heard distasteful one? She has been dubbed Urusalim, the City Of Peace, get it? The Lord Pure is the Prince of Peace and His intended the Place of Peace. So by Lord Raphael’s disclosure she is here, even if she is, touch her and you’ll be pushing up that dark. As so that one thousand year dungeon before you’re to count to six, six and six. Deliver her to me boys and not only will I touch her but devour and spread her down my throat like an ancient violet so sweet and yet so bitterly satisfying. Your time has expired and we do have plenty of work, you know the wedding, the wedding supper, the grand tour, the Holy Mount Of Zion, the battle and ah yes blackness, your imprisonment. I will not leave until the Lord His Ancient is to speak with me, He did your ancient of evil speak with you, this pure one, He said and I repeat, ‘go down now’, and those thieves and robbers at the higher gate north, please by all means take them with you. All of this one day will be mine and each one of you will instead wake up in a lake of burning, ---all dreams dark planet, nothing but fantasies and reverie, have been since this throne’s bloody Lamb mourn "It Is Finished. He’s getting close my Lord, yes," as those witnessing Lucifer’s complete decline, were his accusations though right on was he instead cast right out as he’s to be powerless against the fulfillment of the Lamb’s Bloodshed. "Too close, although just as soon as she’s to sup of our wedding table Lord Urusalim will be out of his reach, yes Lord, but that will not stop him, no Lord Gabriel and is why we must for all eternity cast them from their high places. I will go now and see the Ancient Originator over such things, will our bride rise to eat my Lord, to drink? When Lord Raphael she is rested well, yes, but not until then, again yes my Lord. Should someone be sent Lord to forewarn the earthers, you know he will take out his anger on them especially, then yes Gabriel, although you’re not to send just anyone, go thyself." "Me lord? But I haven’t had an earthbound mission since I announced the redeemers’ birth, then Lord Gabriel you will be the lest suspected want you? Go, take Sariel and Jerahmeel as well, yes my Lord, right away my Lord."

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