Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah XIV

…And His Name Shall Be In Their Foreheads…
Scene XIV

-“I’m not hiding my lord, nor are you hidden, I awaken from our wondrous marriage to here, this special place beyond any comprehension, it is lord Urusalim the Maaser Rishon room, it’s so amazing, the music alone, the dancing that seem to be all around, up and down, even under my feet, if my Lord I’m to, have, and of every form at the same time, and the singing, the continuous lyrics, he- is- holyyyy-He-is holyyyy-and-we- praise- his-ho-lyyy-nameee. I’ve never, everything here, everybody, even just now my lord, I remember this night Nicholas and I were making love, we were reaching its unspeakable zenith and he let out the most astonishing cry, scream and he was crying, crying uncontrollably. A fantastic Phantasm bringing him up and into a seat beside the bed, and it frighten me so, and he said it, I, well we hurt so good, so remarkably beyond heaven and earth that he’s hardly to bear it, and for at least thirty minute he was inhibited, even crisscrossed this way. What couldn’t have happen Lord but did happen just now, even this room of Levi, of Maaser Rishon now I know in words or in description totally abandoning me what it was he felt. It was like this beyond narrative good death, even beyond all humanity realism it could then, only then be holy spirit, and divinely indecisive, in descriptive or something of, lean not Lord Urusalim unto thine own understanding,” seeing she’s to break down heavily into a cry at grabbing a hold of her, at laying his forward, his phenomena kinship to her, again dissolving them entirely into one this inexpressible singularity. “Your tears Lord Urusalim, you know what they will do, but in all thy ways Lord acknowledge the Ancient One and he shall direct thy path. I know this Lord Prince for a certainty, but it’s all so totally overriding, so remarkably over-shadowing, it is high, every original bone broken of it, how could man have ever contain unto it? I don’t know, it’s to take me, consume me and yet leave me here so mystified by it all, then I awaken here, here in this white, glowing remarkably singing, dancing escape, it’s all so far beyond anything, anything we, mankind could’ve ever, ever imagined. In Jewish tradition Maaseiah, a Levite meaning attached was a member of the Hebrew Tribe, when Lord Joshua led the Israelites into the land of Canaan the Levites were the only Israelite tribe who received cities but no tribal land "because the Lord the God of Israel Himself would be their possession.” “Because Maaseiah, the Lord God Of Israel would be their possession, in return, the Landed tribes were expected to give tithe to the Levites, particularly the tithe known as the Maaser Rishon, eser meaning tenth or Levite Tribe. This Maaseiah is what you saw, when you saw the Supreme His Highest dancing, ah my god I remember that, do you as well remember why he danced, yes, he finally had a people who walked by faith and totally obeyed Him. In other words, the Levite tribe financial status was left to how obedient to the Maaser Rishon the landed Hebrews were, any corruption or disruption would spoil all things forever. So I can assume there are other similar rooms named for each tribe of Israel, yes, as this one is of pure ivory, others are named for twelve other tribes, dressed with particular ever sustaining minerals, as long Lord Urusalim as you’re here you will no doubt get to know them well. Should I even asked how I end up here, are we yet flesh? Ascended, immortal, incorruptible, multitudinous Lord City of Peace and ready to live out an eternity as such yes, yes we are, we are Lord Urusalim redeemed, you must not forget that, not that these heavens will ever allow you to, ----come, as all days, today is a great day, the two olive branches are returned, the wine press is overflowing, today Lord Maaseiah is their day. I have not spoken of it my Lord but is Lord Gabriel in much peril? No, none a toll, not even the gates of hell can prevail, remember, he’s a timely distraction, and we a timely appointment all as the Kingdom of men have become the Kingdoms of our God and He not them shall reign forever. I finally Maaseiah feel your lovely recompense with all that is about us, inside and out of us and it is so sweet, so deliciously, overwhelmingly Divine. Such a blusterous breaking through, even out, again it enchants the very soul of all things we are and shall forever be. You are all things I’m ever to be, I see that now, all things of every romantic love that’s ever to love me, I know that now, every one of you is there, is here Maaseiah,” as one taking her hand, applying it to his chest, to his heart crying aloud, sparing not, “blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. It spoke,” shockingly jerking her hand back, that after all the matchless appearances in the third heavens, there is yet that astonishing her. “Your heart of astronomical passion just spoke to me, to us all, them all Lord Urusalim, and that it spoke is blessed and true and we shall reign forever.”

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