Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah XXIX

…His Eyes Where As A Flame Of Fire…
Scene XXIX

-“He’s to figure it he says, yes but it’s no matter, Helel is doomed, have been since He betrayed these heavens, thus it doesn’t matter what he’s to figure. So he doesn’t know of the Kingdoms of men uprising following his one thousand year imprisonment, how melodious, perhaps but he know there is yet uncertainty among them, even refusal, thus he think further he’s to again utilize this brazen ambiguity. So are you coming? You know Son Christ I can’t, there’s yet work here, plus this is thine own time to reign. Although I’m apprehensive at inquiring of the Juttah Septennial, is it Lordship as colossal as we anticipated? It is that Ancient Father and more. What is happen? I see it Holy Cherub all over your face, will you tell him Lord or shall I? I went to Helel today, Lord Maaseiah as well, he’s like a, I didn’t mean any harm, ...he can read you son you know, he will no doubt figure we’re to have mercy and not sacrifice. Yes, but how Ancient Father is that so different where Helel is concern, how, please tell me? You are so merciful hearted, but he, all of those of the infinite hollow have chosen their faith so extremely well and thus our word remain concrete, standstill, even voiceless. Again Ancient Father not that, I know why, the lost of either of them is so heart-wrenching it beggars description, but this is your time of recreation and supremacy you must realize that. Speaking of which, I must send Israel’s reigning King again on his way, is there Lord Gabriel another thing as this? No Lord Ancient, we will be excused at your concord, the Day of Judgment Son Christ is come, we will cast them off all and never be threaten again, as it is written Great His Ancient, let it as well be so.”     <<<“His highness isn’t crossed with us Lord Gabriel, crossed there is no reason, we, all of us Lord Gabriel have our missions and assignments we must perform them well, don’t you agree? This hour Lord HIS Highness and forever, yes Lord she is very pleased with thee, I know you told me not to do that, I assure you, it will not happen again. Tell me Lord Gabriel, you believe we’ve done the right thing by Helel, by those he marshaled so well, indeed Lord Christ what manner of Inquiry is this? There would be no Golden Jubilee for those that mourn, for the meek at heart, for Lord HIS Highness, the Peacemaker, all would be lost, every ordain word and promise is to fail the fundamental recreation. Helel, even Lucifer was so entirely forewarn, even those who’re to mutiny with him, I can yet hear him, claiming how he’s to ascend into heaven, how he would exalt his throne above the stars of his Ancient, how he would be like the most high, he said, But Samuel and I told him, even Lord Christ many others, how he would instead be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit. How they that see him would narrowly look upon him and consider him, saying this is man that made the earth tremble, that did shake kingdoms. That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof, this is so bizarre, I mean everything is finally Gabriel as it should be, yet I feel saturated with concerns designing Helel’s much deserved dungeon, which is why Sweet Prince Lord Ancient protest your visitation regarding him. I must hurry to Lord Maaseiah as she’s to most of all relieve me of this stress, what if he’s given another opportunity, what, I don’t, he will be you know, and it will only take him a very short space to draft a rebellious horde, against the ancient of days and his anointed. You are as wise great winged one as you are beautiful, I perceive what you’re doing, Helel is now surely as nature malevolent, sadly for him and all those who’re to follow him it is done and there is no undoing it. I will Lord Gabriel see you in the seventh, surely the deceased of the earth will be buried by then, surely my Lord, be close to Ancient father, as I’m close to him, you know I will, nearly Lord Israel as close as the Cherubim and Seraphim. If Lord Gabriel they’re on their assigned post you will not even get that close, thus I comprehend by all that is heart within what you’re to mean, be well, even so Lord Prince, even so.”

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