Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah III

…Proceeding Out Of The Throne Of God And The Lamb…
Scene III

"It’s burning," as to look into a door allowed her were things of this divine manner apparently apart of her training or something like that, “the church is burning, the smoke thereof is rising up to God weeping and mourning. Yes," as to prize his forthcoming bride beyond description had the heavens for years, mandates and criterion look forward to this very day. “Only Maaseiah listen to what the spirit is to say, behold it is the church, it has been cast down and literally destroyed, but the foundation haven’t been destroyed, it can be rebuild. Again Lord Maaseiah it verified, it can be rebuild, back upon the same foundation laid by Christ and his Holy Apostles. When I touched you earlier, when I felt you, it wasn’t just you I felt but all of mankind right? Not all of mankind Maaseiah, only those who are my sheep and hearing my voice, those following accordingly, and could they feel us? Yes, a mighty, even roaring ripple of Alleluias just rushed off their feet the entirety of man, they didn’t Maaseiah know what they felt, but that they felt was indiscernible, yes Maaseiah even him. Now you must come with me, there is much I’m to show you as the fulfillment of all things is upon all existence in heaven, earth and under the earth. Come Maaseiah," yet at a lack of enthusiasm had she as always feared, even joked, again had she simply traded one work place, the earth, for this other, divine prophecies fulfilling. “What you’re to show me just now remind me of another dream, a memory or what have you? I was leaving, I’d died to self and self-seeking in ways that made me cast down in my spirit, but I was leaving, the Supreme Father, or Ancient One Himself was this guide, this heavy-going yet miraculous get away. I remember he too showed me a church, a church that was more phenomena than any existing on the earth, I recalled he showed me this as to encourage me of what it was my, as the church-bride labor, and now my departing would establish. Again I remember looking upon this unspeakable church so glorious, so faithful and Jubilee that I forewarn Him, His Ancient, be careful Father, lest they take your heart. I was coming here wasn’t I, to this place in particular? I never understood why Him, why the Supreme Himself? Will my beloved trust me or not? Yes,” with eyes tingling and blinking toward a spill over, were these confessions more angelically heart twisting, entangling and dissolving than any other depiction, "of course, ---then my love, for always come."

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