Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah XXIV

…Let Him Be Unjust Still…
Scene XXIV

-“There is my lord,” a witness how He’s to scurry off rather shamefully or timidly at a wipe of his eyes and cheeks, was it apparent this Lamb for mankind was this emotional,"Lord Urusalem, what service can I be? Why Lord, Weepest Thou? My Lord, this is, how will, I’m the Lion Of the Tribe Of Judah, the Prince of Peace, …I AM Israel! But that place, that dark all the more filling with unspeakable screams and horrors, how will I ever endure it? Of course I must, I know we Lords discussed this, you know Sweet Princess all they ask is another chance, if only they’d known. If only they’d believed, please Lord just give us another chance, another chance, another chance, person after person, cry and scream after cry and scream. I know Lord Urssalem, they’re perishing to this irreversible penitentiary a myriad of them a day, I, I, I don’t even know Sweet Lord In Waiting if this is sacrilegious or not, but I find comfort in possibly pretending. Pretending?" That this Holy One soiled with the anguishing cry of the lost of souls so plenteous is to turn upon an amazing uncertainty at her, “well I don’t know playacting. I, Lord, I, I can only forewarn you, I know, pretending that which is literally impossible to withstand is not actual. It is actual Lord, I was just there, the souls suffering beyond description, screaming in agony and defeat, pleading unendingly just to be given another chance and so many of them Lord with multitudinous manners of works of assembly. That is the cry of the Ancient One Of Days most true, how HIS People are being stripped, how they perish. So many Lord Urusalem, that alone make me as well tremble in tremendous remorse, I shook so hard at my visitation there Lord A’albiel most merciful had to remove me before they saw Lord Urusalem, before they comprehended this weakness on their Redeemers part. Apparently before I screamed into the far reaches of the universe unto this thirsting for souls abysmal standstill this throbbing of the heart cataclysm and surely it will all be no more. How will I ever face Him? Even them, the throners who await the fulfillment of their wounded warriors, I was there my Lord Most Precious Prince, I was there when His Ancient one touched the very temple of the laborers unto the harvest. I was there when He spoke great and swelling words to this anxious multitude, I was there when He admonished them all to be acquainted with His Ancient own grieves and sorrows. I heart of all hearts was there when this Ancient One, this Stunning Wailing Wall thine own self , wept, surely it is why this Son of Sons as well, weep, thine on Maaseiah. what are these wounds in thine hands?” Taking his filled with Heavens beyond Majesty, revelations and voices of the Holy Spirit hands, feeling and kissing preciously about their wounds stirring him so, reminding Him of the astronomical sacrifice He’d often times, unto eternity made, those which he’d suffered in the house of his friends. “Those Maaseiah for which I was wounded in the house of my friends, greater love Lord Urusalem hath no man than this, than a man will lay down his life for a friend. It’s sweetest Lord of Lord as though I was in a dream, at one moment I was kneeling as one in honoring you precious Lord is to kiss thy feet, and the next I realize I was standing with you on the Mount of Olives, not only I but the entire host of specialty saints, the armies of heaven as we made ready to come into the battle at Megiddo. As I stood with the masses I comprehended how the air, the oxygen was so clear and pure up there, let it my sweetest spouse be so, let it at this very hour be so.”

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