Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah VIII

…And Yielded Her Fruit Every Month…
Scene VIII

"I’ve arrived just as soon what is happen?" I think the proceedings a few nights past Pure One gravely overwhelmed her, being lead urgently of Lord Simiel who was overwrought with concern of the heavenly bride to be now Lord Urusalim. "She has like blood cried you a river, please tell your Lord these squabbles are squabbles of joy," as one whisking a silken curtain away to an unpronounced waiting chamber at coming right in to her, for to comfort her. "Make me lord to know joy and gladness that the bones which thou hast broken shall rejoice, said incitement was to make you merry Lord Urusalim not embitter you, but I am my Lord bitter," as one moving into a window overlooking phenomena manners of golden streets and crystal streams and structures. “But how My Lord, why? Many years ago I stood in what was once a penny store, yes with guess what? Pennies in my hand, only it was no longer a penny store but had it been instead transformed into an extravagant restaurant that I nor the pennies I’m to bear could rightly afford. So as usual I departed man’s unending ability to forsake the misfortunate as cast down and as down trodden as any human could be. Here I was all that’s phenomena this nonsensical anguish when suddenly looking to the heavens, into a 3 O clock sun, said glistening light transformed at coming nearer and nearer into a gigantic diamond, crystal dove. I mean a dove glittering like the sunshine a million times the size of a normal dove, it ascended down to me directly as to kiss me and straightway ascended again into the heavens. It was by far the most inconceivable thing I’d both seen and felt yet like the indescribable proceedings days ago I was left so unfulfilled, so dissatisfied. Immediately I was reminded of the commission that we’re to look to the hills from whence cometh our help, how it is every good gift and every perfect gift descend down from the Father Of Lights. How despite how phenomena this man yet what the supreme hath bestowed was even more abundantly above all of that. I know Lord Urusalim the trials and tribulations on the earth for you and yours was in likeness to that day I’m to hang from that tree. Crying I did,” that with large tear drops enough at making his own stream, at pausing as one seeing, even suspecting out of that same window something that’s to take him by surprise. "Begging Lord Urusalim, please Father why is it you’re to hate me, why are you to leave me slain by so long a death? How in the day I prayed and in the nighttime I wasn’t silent, yet Lord Urusalim he stayed away. Yet he hated me and loved you more, how in this hatred Maaseiah he forsook me to murders, mockers, gamblers and even those responsible for burying the dead. Although in three days times a promise was kept and one remnant of mankind was redeemed who’re both to stand here espoused for all eternity. You’re going to have to let this go now," looking out suspiciously additionally was it Lord Samuel, who’s arrival alone was very dubious, even concerning, it simply meant troublesome times hath come. "Forgive Lord Urusalim and especially forget, this is the jubilee of all gone before, as there will be no hind, maybe my Lord I’m to rid my memory of it all. My memories Lord Urusalim are sound, they are intact, they’re one of those things wholly precious to me, if my dear one faint not they will be as genuinely valuable to her. What is happening to me?" Having gently stroked her temple, was she suddenly losing face into a seat suddenly upon the edge of that retire, it’s soothing, expert comfort like so. I suddenly feel so sleepy, so, what, what did you" yawning, stretching additionally was she being so permanently yet so marvelously arrested upon, even captured into a positively delightful escape. "So very, so, that ceremony Lord was an unspeakable demonstration of the Heavenly Host love for you so deserving as you’re worthy of all things. I’m so ex, exhaust, of all rewards Lord Urusalim they’ve appointed unto you, wear them and sport them my beloved well, what is, is, rest Lord Urusalim, no longer burden thyself, rest."

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