Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah VIII

…And Yielded Her Fruit Every Month…
Scene VIII

"I’ve arrived just as soon what is happen?" I think the proceedings a few nights past Pure One gravely overwhelmed her, being lead urgently of Lord Simiel who was overwrought with concern of the heavenly bride to be now Lord Urusalim. "She has like blood cried you a river, please tell your Lord these squabbles are squabbles of joy," as one whisking a silken curtain away to an unpronounced waiting chamber at coming right in to her, for to comfort her. "Make me lord to know joy and gladness that the bones which thou hast broken shall rejoice, said incitement was to make you merry Lord Urusalim not embitter you, but I am my Lord bitter," as one moving into a window overlooking phenomena manners of golden streets and crystal streams and structures. “But how My Lord, why? Many years ago I stood in what was once a penny store, yes with guess what? Pennies in my hand, only it was no longer a penny store but had it been instead transformed into an extravagant restaurant that I nor the pennies I’m to bear could rightly afford. So as

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