Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The Paradise Of God To Come

A Shadow of biblical, even phenomenon things to come Lord Urusalim take us not only on this journey but into the most sort after soul and heart voyage soon arriving us right into the third heavens. The time of the bridegroom, of the marriage supper of the Lamb hath come and not only is Maaseiah invited but is she shockingly enough the primary sort after bridegroom soon to be crown Lord Urusalim . Totally flabbergasted and spiritually inundated at what she’s both hearing and seeing, does this mind-boggling experience all the more clarify certain mysteries always plaguing her life.

Lord Urusalim

Clearly what’s to happen once the church bride is taken out of what heavens host descries as the evil to come, as a darkness that is nearing for its final obstruction? Miraculously what will she see, hear and most of all experience? Totally and completely spontaneous created of this apostle’s redeemed heart, mind and soul. Of many of the divine experiences allowed her all through the years, even those of her own amazing dreams, visions and visitations to heaven, all remarkably told and testified in this work, who will believe this fantastic report?

And A Voice Like A Trumpet Crying Come Up Hither

-The prophet Isaiah asked ’Who Shall Believe our Report and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? This question wasn’t about to whom God would unveil his secrets, God has no secrets but to whom would God unveil Himself, His divine Order, even the gracious desires of His Heart. I remember when Elohim conversed among themselves whether to explain to Father Abraham what plans they had for sin cities Sodom and Gomorrah, how Noah and his house alone knew God was about to destroy the entire evil world of man by a major, cataclysmic flood.
-Of course, eventually there would be the gift of Prophecy, ordain men and women of trust would be given. Why? So there would again be no mysteries, no deception, so those hearing the prophet unto belief would know the great sorrows always until God’s Kingdom coming awaiting them just over the horizon. Thus and so is the short insert below simply a reminder how without Christ’s Cross fulfillment, as so God’s divine Kingdom to follow there’s no hope for mankind, there’s nothing but more of the same, no type of true value on this earth and then they genocide.
-Plainly it’s a curse, repeatedly there’s pain, sorrows, anguish and death and even after death there’s the Great White Throne Judgment. Although unto those sleeping in him and remaining and looking to his, Christ Jesus promised return there’s more than a jubilant escape, there’s the throne of heaven. John the revelator himself hath declared and after this I looked and behold a door was open in heaven and the first voice I heard was as it were a trumpet saying “Come Up Hither’ and I will show you things which must be hereafter….The Spirit and the Bride Say Come! Indeed This Apostle Say, Come!

From Beast Of Beauty, The Throne Of Heaven

-Born to a Seminole Indian Mother Maaseiah Adonai, unto Tiffany Ann a New York bred, world renown Model/ Fashion/Designer. Although now unto the throne of God soon to be dubbed Lord Urusalim, meaning Jerusalem, city of peace what an extraordinary journey. Indeed ‘The Throne Of Heaven’ is a fascinating imaginary look into the overall working of God’s kingdom, especially from the now risen church bride point of view, Maaseiah Adonai.
-This Apostle remember what now seem like ages ago, I looked into a dream or a memory whereas I was being carried off, or away from everything I knew and held dear despite how horribly I’d suffered down through the years. Clearly do I as well remember He carrying me off so miraculously and downheartedly was the Supreme Father Himself.
-At the same time He was showing me a church, a sanctuary, one unlike anything I’d seen or experienced on the earth before. I at this time was representative of the church bride, thus the unpronounced church that would rise so phenomenally after this great gathering of saints could only have been the tribulation saints.
-Justly where they so amazing, so truly Holy Spirit, I remember forewarning this Father so Holy how He was to be careful, lest they, these Tribulation Saints so Holy will take His heart. Now you’re to imagine through this work ‘The Throne Of Heaven‘, just what possibly transpired once the church bride at an appointed time inconceivable went on to experience. Truly eyes hath not seen, nor ears heard, neither hath it entered into the hearts of man the things God hath prepared for those who love Him.

…And He Showed Me A Pure River Of Water Of Life
Scene I

-“Who are you and what am I doing here? You have been brought here Maaseiah as the time of your appointment hath come. My appointment? The true reason that you are come into the world and now to here. Is this a dream, is that what this is? It is not a dream, you’re actually here as so am I. Then I’m dead, that's what this is, no and yes, you’re dead afar from the world but alive for all eternity as in heaven bound. Who are you? I know you don’t I? You seem so familiar yet such the foreigner, tell me this is a dream and it’ll all make, I can’t do that, it’s of no truth and thus I’m without said liberty. This is heaven? If this is heaven then I’m either dead or dreaming, you Maaseiah have been bidden to the marriage supper of the lamb, there can be such the like marriage without you, the bride. The what? At bringing stinging emotions to the forefront, even along the design of her perfect facial structure at having too plenty to mention dreams but was this a doozy. “This is our father’s house,” as to showcase to her in a way rather remarkable were his efforts literally unrealizable that he's to persuade her his directive. “You’re now in one of its many mansions, I’m not staying here,” as to leap into a run away although the door, the seeming exit ahead wasn’t a door, not as in a way out. Just as soon there was nothing but space, clouds, unto the unspeakable universe and soon a display of the entirety of the earth below. "My god," again activating a flood of tears along her face at the sudden, rather abrupt reminder it was all real. “My god I remember this, I stood here and I spoke to the masses of the earth below, I spoke to them all in one tongue. A tongue unfamiliar to me,” ideally positioning Him with this marvelous testimonial, marvelous countenance to marvelous countenance, eye to eye, "but familiar to the entire world as one. I remember the feel of those unfamiliar words rushing through every vein of my being, an actuality my Lord above and beyond any comprehension, there was such a peace, such a liberation, a humbling grand-stand. It wasn’t a dream Maaseiah but a memory and it was a reminder from which you’d come and to where you would go. "What do you mean it’s wasn’t a dream?" Additionally spilling old tears to new what was happening and why to her? Indeed how astonishing it all was, how remarkably implausible, unwordable. "Some of the things I remember as you say could only be performed by Supreme God’s deeming me only a by-stander. I can only Maaseiah speak the truth, this I tell you is the truth, then where are they? The chosen at transferring me from spirit to flesh, they are of course as you’ve always suspected cared after by one of the many rooms here. I know Maaseiah you’re to have many questions, but those who will prepare you for thy final and eternal purpose of all are here to assist you. Wait," as one questionably grabbing his hands into a physical astonishment unparalleled did this sweet, wholly incredulous interlude obscure her the more. "My god what was that?" As if she’s to be pleasantly shocked by electrical currents all over and through what indeed a titillating, even exhilarating plight. "My god what was that?" As one blinking and swallowing back new tears what, how indeed who were these blood startling occurrences, if she still had blood, what was happening to her? "I touched you and it was like I became you, that in a second I became all things that you were, are and shall for all eternity be. What was that? It is Maaseiah what you are, it is what we shall be for life, wed-lock everlasting, now trust me," as to passionately touch her temple did she just as soon lose consciousness at gingerly collapsing into his magnificent arms, passionate heart away.

Maaseiah II

Scene II

-“Stay with her always, as you wish my lord, she will my Lord no doubt have more questions, as long Lord Raphael as we’re to answer them honestly though cautiously. Our Master Lord Uriel hath waited forever it seem for this day now his bride like him abideth forever. What glory Raphael, how grand, finally death will be destroyed and those who’ve been faithful to these heavens will as Kings and Queens reign with us. What Uriel about the dungeons of the damn, you know how our Lord feel about them, even his Maaseiah? Now that realism Raphael the ancient of days alone is to have in his hand, I myself have been completely beside myself Lord Raphael with what all of this is to mean. How heaven and earth, New Urusalim will soon as always envisioned by these heavens reign as one, ah the blood Lord Uriel which has been spilled, the cup which hath been consumed, the flesh, so much flesh, so much anguish and toil, now nothing but this punctual culmination to it all. So it is true, she’s here? Yes, with a gladness unspeakable Lord Sariel I’m anxious to say she is, you’re faithfully telling me Lord Maaseiah is right beyond those doors? Yes, right beyond these gleaming with gratitude and suspense doors, of course Lord Raphael you’re being summoned to there, which is why I’m here. Something urgent or simply routine? Something I fear Lords very, extremely particular, His Ancient is talking in those puzzles again, I best go as no time has been as anxious as these times. I’m yet Lord Uriel beside myself that right beyond these doors is a divine fulfillment that’s been pending for the ancient. You know what this mean right? Soon, very soon, the seventh angel will sound, all prophecy will be realized and the kingdoms of mankind will become the kingdoms of the Ancient Of Days and He, that’s we Sariel and the Lamb shall reign forever. Why art thou cast down O my soul and why art thou so disquieten, hope thou in the fulfillment? I never got over the fall, never stopped missing my brothers, of course Sariel that admission isn’t to abash you so, neither of us ever came to restful terms with such events. Although does the Master Lord and Ancient Father need us to be our most faithful, that’s Sariel, our most true.”

Maaseiah III

…Proceeding Out Of The Throne Of God And The Lamb…
Scene III

"It’s burning," as to look into a door allowed her were things of this divine manner apparently apart of her training or something like that, “the church is burning, the smoke thereof is rising up to God weeping and mourning. Yes," as to prize his forthcoming bride beyond description had the heavens for years, mandates and criterion look forward to this very day. “Only Maaseiah listen to what the spirit is to say, behold it is the church, it has been cast down and literally destroyed, but the foundation haven’t been destroyed, it can be rebuild. Again Lord Maaseiah it verified, it can be rebuild, back upon the same foundation laid by Christ and his Holy Apostles. When I touched you earlier, when I felt you, it wasn’t just you I felt but all of mankind right? Not all of mankind Maaseiah, only those who are my sheep and hearing my voice, those following accordingly, and could they feel us? Yes, a mighty, even roaring ripple of Alleluias just rushed off their feet the entirety of man, they didn’t Maaseiah know what they felt, but that they felt was indiscernible, yes Maaseiah even him. Now you must come with me, there is much I’m to show you as the fulfillment of all things is upon all existence in heaven, earth and under the earth. Come Maaseiah," yet at a lack of enthusiasm had she as always feared, even joked, again had she simply traded one work place, the earth, for this other, divine prophecies fulfilling. “What you’re to show me just now remind me of another dream, a memory or what have you? I was leaving, I’d died to self and self-seeking in ways that made me cast down in my spirit, but I was leaving, the Supreme Father, or Ancient One Himself was this guide, this heavy-going yet miraculous get away. I remember he too showed me a church, a church that was more phenomena than any existing on the earth, I recalled he showed me this as to encourage me of what it was my, as the church-bride labor, and now my departing would establish. Again I remember looking upon this unspeakable church so glorious, so faithful and Jubilee that I forewarn Him, His Ancient, be careful Father, lest they take your heart. I was coming here wasn’t I, to this place in particular? I never understood why Him, why the Supreme Himself? Will my beloved trust me or not? Yes,” with eyes tingling and blinking toward a spill over, were these confessions more angelically heart twisting, entangling and dissolving than any other depiction, "of course, ---then my love, for always come."

Maaseiah IV

…In The Midst Of The Street Of It…
Scene IV

-"Now that would take forever," fixing her eyes upon a white, pearl, never-ending, winding staircase spiraling no doubt from her right into the Ancient’s throne, one with playing children up and down and all round it. "It just appear that way I assure you, you’re afraid of me? No, not Maaseiah as in your definition of fear, I’m cautious that’s all, as you I’ve waited for these moments eternally it seems now they’re to be approached with prudence and trembling. Why did you leave us?" Activating a nostril to stinging, eyes, as she’s to imagine all the suffering that has been endured at heaven’s unending pause, “why did you stay away so long? I had to leave, I had to return to my Father, to his glorified side, as I was to be glorified, and once I was there the decision upon my return was in his hand alone. I know Maaseiah the suffering down there, the horror was all so paramount, you must realize we experienced it too, every sorrow, every pain, every death Maaseiah." "Yet my Lord you hesitated," as one swabbing her dampen nose into a lengthy inhale, exhale was she actually in heaven or was it all a dream and for how long this time? "For duration, promises and prophecies, ---you’re sure this is not all a dream and I’m not to awaken to the region of, ---come," surprised that he’s to hand her his hand after the firing, electrical currents performing themselves the last time. No doubt it remind her of the hand offered her of Nicholas Edin that night most horrid. "It’s ok, it’s turn off kinda, it’s Ezekiel," having fast forward to other regions of heaven’s throne was she now fitting her eyes upon an older, gray person, one she instantly knew as the prophet Ezekiel. “Then it’s true, here we’re to know one another, yes and on that note Maaseiah I release you to him, there’s much he’s to show you, go. Remember Lord Maaseiah, eyes hath not seen, nor ears heard, nor hath it entered into the hearts of man, the things, ---yes, the things the Supreme hath prepared for those who LOVE HIM.”

Maaseiah V

…And On Either Sides Of The River…
Scene V

-"Be careful Lord lest they take your heart," having open one door in particular to her could Maaseiah see at the first nothing but a light, a light like the sunshine in all of its strength and a voice. A commission,” be ye washed, be ye cleansed, be ye washed, be ye cleansed," then she’s to see that hands went before this immensely lit throne of His most high. The hands and bodies of a multitude that could not be numbered for to be washed, for to be cleansed and this door was close for its light was blinding. <<<"He’s here, what is it Lord Uriel he’s to want now? What Raphael he’s always wanted, the Supremes’ throne, well he can’t have that now can he? He knows doesn’t he, he know she’s here? I don’t think he know, that he simply suspect, a suspicion Lord Raphael reminding him his time hath come. War is come to these heavens again, a war unlike any that is come, yes, to cast this evil one from his places of the high, he and his wicked princes, what Uriel a glorious day for these heavens although what a dark, dark day for the inhabitants of the earth." Having open to her a second door could she again see nothing but a great light, a countless luminosity that had become as a hand, a divine surgeon that was to reach into the chest of the multitude, taking he was their heart of stone, behold this hand bore their old heart while at the same time he was to give unto them a new heart. A heart of flesh and love unconditional when this door also was close for its light was blinding. “You are here why? Because your pure one of my ability to bruise your heel what else? What is it now my father work Lucifer hitherto as so do I. Testy, testy, one would think you’re trying to hide something hide, why would I try to hide anything from you? You’re dead, you’re a one thousand year imprisonment and after that judgment and hell, she is here isn’t she, you’ve taken her from right under my nose? The husband she has forsaken is frail but not anymore, I wonder why? What are you saying, that he has been visited upon by an angel perhaps, or something even more, grand, the pure ones glorified Maaseiah. I congratulate you, you have made her living on earth a manner of a first hell, torture, torment, but no longer. So she is here? Your time great evil is up, Lord Sealtiel will no doubt escort you out.” Opening to her a third and final door was Maaseiah to see this Magnificent Radiance had become as a mouth and was to speak great and swelling words to the multitude. Behold Maaseiah could not tell all that this mouth spoke but what she did remember hearing Him say was His instruction that they were to be well-acquainted with His grieves and His sorrows. Although she was to see more of a strange thing, how this great light became a hand again for to reach and touch indescribably the very temple of this multitude’s head. Upon which he did a form of anointing unfounded, immeasurable and incalculable which was to pour upon them. As so into them and they all left the throne of this Ancient One Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers, as the end-time harvest, as so the labors of the world hath come. “You and your Pure Lord Sealtiel will not get away with this, I know she is here. What you know blackness of the morning is your time of deletion hath arrived, this is not over, not by your most cherished dreams! Yeah I’ll tell Abaddon you said hello next tell I feed him, you best Hizkiel feed this Maaseiah to him or these high territories have a debt unaffordable to pay. The cross you mean, the Sacrificial Lamb no doubt, the ascension at leading all captivity captured, including you? How soon cursed one is all forgotten, indeed how clever."

Maaseiah VI

…Was There The Tree Of Life…
Scene VI

-"You can never Maaseiah do that again, do what? Don’t ok? Everything in these heavens because of the laws, testaments and promises of my Father has to be done a certain way. I left your memories of said things against the Father’s will intact unto the ceremonies are fulfilled don’t make me sorry. Now there’s a breach of such laws, one in which he will hurry at making war against us. He? You need not Maaseiah know his name, just that you’re to obey these heavens or many will suffer unnecessarily. What is it all for, why are these things being shown to me now? They’re hurried this way because of the seventh angel, the fulfillment. Finally Maaseiah our Father’s Kingdom will reign with man, something he has purpose after since the first fall. He showed me three doors, Lord Ezekiel, three doors that I’m to see the preparation of the end-time laborers. You Lord Christ went down in the gospels of man, the living word of the supreme as commissioning us that we’re to pray the father send more laborers into the harvest as it was white, ready. I remember that day so long ago when you appeared to me in the heaven lies, how even then three times you commissioned me to come, yes, come, as in see, you was to see Maaseiah that despite how greatly evil abound within the kingdoms of men one day our God would reign which is now. I felt such a peace, such a tranquility when each door was open and close at such a timely minor, a calmness, a peacefulness unspeakable. Yes, that is what heaven’s reign is, that prince of peace as you say, of tranquility man is to seek after for the ancient but he cannot, will not except by the cross, his Maaseiah own cross. I want you to take them from me, the memories, I don’t want them anymore, but Maaseiah, no if this is real and not a dream as you say then whatever Nicholas and I were to have as husband and wife is finished, if you do not I will not be held responsible. Come, there’s something at, or about the twelve gates I’m to show you, what? I don’t really know Maaseiah, it’s a feeling I have, come, and the memories? I trust you, as surely Maaseiah Adonai as you trust yourself, you knew my middle name, I and the Father hath given it to you, of course we know. It’s why you had to leave, if you’d not left, the Ancient of days greatest gift to mankind besides the prophets, the Cross and the blessed Holy Spirit hath not come, her, me, us, the church bride. Come,” again reaching out his hand to her, did she effortlessly accept at Him leading her this his edict.

Maaseiah VII

…Which Bear Twelve Manners Of Fruits…
Scene VII

-"You think Maaseiah I didn’t want to come running immediately to you every time you went into a heinous above description trial with my name on your lips? I know, it was almost as though you had to hate those who treasured you so they instead would love, and treasure your people. I realize this the very day I realized my life on earth was as horrible as my work was phenomena, I’m to say I’m sorry Maaseiah but how is that to even suffice? I think people realize the promises made the brethren prophets of old, as so mine own brother apostles but I think Maaseiah man is to forget promises of the Supreme were made to me as well. How everyday there was no manifestation I too was made ill in my very spirit. I guess Maaseiah what I’m to say is this wait has been both long and suffering, I hear you Lord but where are you taking me? There’s something at the gates of the city I’m to show you, what it’s to be I’m afraid neither of us are to know until once we’re there. So how did you do it, endure this everlasting continuation? I heard you that day Maaseiah when you’re to tell your husband how it is you want to be in the presence of music so anointed the Supreme Father Himself would want to come and abide in your house with you. That evenly melodies so spirited that the Heavenly Host would desire at riding along as a passenger with you. I remember how this revelation reminded you of yet another memory, yes, a baby Gabriel that was to ride in the car with us, I never understood it. A baby of course Maaseiah mean a form, a type of the original, how a genus of the angelic host with likeness of heaven’s man Lord Gabriel stayed always with you. I Maaseiah read your thoughts just then as we’re becoming one mind, that if this was so why didn’t he prevent some of the horrors you’re to endure. My god," as to see a bright, beyond description celebration, a form of divine Jubilee unto an unrealizable gathering, of an unrealizable host of heaven "what is happening? The day of your original heritage, you’re to be welcome back to it and them for eternity, just imagine Maaseiah if those heinous trials of yours are then magnified gloriously by heaven a million times their insufferable weight, what measure could it then mete? It would be measure-less, the reward would then my Lord be boundless, incalculable, then my beloved, welcome to the illimitable, from this day forward, you will not only be known as my bride. Nor as the Lamb’s wife but you will go forward unto Him, unto Him Maaseiah as He will dub thee for all the ancients yet to come as that City that is to sit for all eternity upon that hill, Urusalim, (Jerusalem, City of peace), go and remember I’m with you always. You’re not to come with,” as one supposedly turning into this glorious one for ions and ions but He’d disappeared or dissipated away entirely, which was beginning to be the norm all around and about the Kingdom Of Heaven. "You will Lord Urusalim trust me instead? And you are?" Witnessed upon as one wrapping a fold of her arm along his were these events already beyond any description, "I’m thine own host for this evening, Raguel, there’s much we’re to do still, ---o please great one, come."