Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah VI

…Was There The Tree Of Life…
Scene VI

-"You can never Maaseiah do that again, do what? Don’t ok? Everything in these heavens because of the laws, testaments and promises of my Father has to be done a certain way. I left your memories of said things against the Father’s will intact unto the ceremonies are fulfilled don’t make me sorry. Now there’s a breach of such laws, one in which he will hurry at making war against us. He? You need not Maaseiah know his name, just that you’re to obey these heavens or many will suffer unnecessarily. What is it all for, why are these things being shown to me now? They’re hurried this way because of the seventh angel, the fulfillment. Finally Maaseiah our Father’s Kingdom will reign with man, something he has purpose after since the first fall. He showed me three doors, Lord Ezekiel, three doors that I’m to see the preparation of the end-time laborers. You Lord Christ went down in the gospels of man, the living word of the supreme as commissioning us that we’re to pray the father send more laborers into the harvest as it was white, ready. I remember that day so long ago when you appeared to me in the heaven lies, how even then three times you commissioned me to come, yes, come, as in see, you was to see Maaseiah that despite how greatly evil abound within the kingdoms of men one day our God would reign which is now. I felt such a peace, such a tranquility when each door was open and close at such a timely minor, a calmness, a peacefulness unspeakable. Yes, that is what heaven’s reign is, that prince of peace as you say, of tranquility man is to seek after for the ancient but he cannot, will not except by the cross, his Maaseiah own cross. I want you to take them from me, the memories, I don’t want them anymore, but Maaseiah, no if this is real and not a dream as you say then whatever Nicholas and I were to have as husband and wife is finished, if you do not I will not be held responsible. Come, there’s something at, or about the twelve gates I’m to show you, what? I don’t really know Maaseiah, it’s a feeling I have, come, and the memories? I trust you, as surely Maaseiah Adonai as you trust yourself, you knew my middle name, I and the Father hath given it to you, of course we know. It’s why you had to leave, if you’d not left, the Ancient of days greatest gift to mankind besides the prophets, the Cross and the blessed Holy Spirit hath not come, her, me, us, the church bride. Come,” again reaching out his hand to her, did she effortlessly accept at Him leading her this his edict.

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