Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah X

…And There Shall Be No More Curse…
Scene X

-“He’s to leave Lord Prince a stench unbelievable every time he’s to visit these regions, which your Highest seem to be more and more frequent. He look for Maaseiah,, Maaseiah? Lord Urusalim your Highest, and how have you two been getting along? If Lord Highness He is more clever by a second than today’s visit he will discover her, but he isn’t clever is he? Helel is right now wondering was that earthbound visitation of his own contrition, don’t worry my Lord Prince, no harm will come to thine own Urusalim. It is time Lord Highness, is it not at preventing him from coming and going as he please to your high places. He tried to bring invaders by the high towers north, have you heard? Another example Son of how simple he is, and Lord True how determined, only moments earlier was Lord Urusalim and I to visit there, and yes," as to take a seat into his highest chair, as to place himself at his Highness throne, "what a magnanimous celebration that turn out at being. You’re right Lord Prince, Helel and his own are at an end unfounded, and the making of the heathen thy heritage just as well, command it Lord Timeless and today their high places will be made as desolate as the black hallows in their hearts. Bring Lord Urusalim to me, to this throne, but my Lord she rest, when she is finished then, I must speak with her directly. Is it true my Prince, Lord Gabriel is on a mission for earth? You know all things Ultimate Lord, good, his recognition there should open some eyes a bit, ---truly, you think? I don’t think any more my Lord Supreme, like Lord Urusalim after me I mourn more than I think. Well his presence there will yet be proof these heavens are yet long-suffering toward the entirety of Mankind and not just its glorious remnant, yes Lord Highness, a glorious remnant that will join us at that marriage supper very soon. You will have mercy upon her and not sacrifice? Of course mercy, always our Prince, mercy, -----she is even in these heavens Lord Timeless very distressed, did we go too far with her, you know when we’re to promise them at not placing a burden beyond that they’re to faithfully endure? Is that this aid wrenching the foul one’s chains, corridor to here by him as often, this, Lord Urusalim’s begrudging deficiency of absolution? I will Lord Highness never forget her claiming that her faith was by us rewarded with torture and torment, how if the heavens and earth are to understand her suffering then they’re to imagine my time on the cross lasting twenty plus years, crying aloud my god, my god why hast thou forsaken me? Why art thou so far from helping me and from the words of my roaring? O my God I cry in the daytime, but thou hearest not, and in the night season, and am not silent. You know Lord Prince what your tears will do," seeing Him strike at tears just below each eye, a crying Messiah would cause all the heavens and earth to lament accordingly. "How they will disrupt, I know as you what she has endured, isn’t that why she has arrived here ahead of schedule, the prayer how we’re to heal her or kill her, or heal her by killing her? Isn’t it why Helel is to think he has rights at laying claim to these heavens, the remnant will be here soon, as will Lord Urusalim just as soon forgive and forget. Then Timeless one I will have her delivered as soon as she is awaken and have her fill of the tree, since Lord Raguel is with her, who seem to be quite taken with her, will he deliver her your heart and thine ear. There is one other inquiry, go down now, when I spoke it to Lord Blackness it seem to disturb him more than I can say, why? The last time Helel heard that was just as I was describing the woman’s seed to him, as so his own detriment, you’ve thus Lord Prince open a most horrifying for him, even for them, a long, thought healed womb. Go and get the twelve heirs, it is time, but Lord Gabriel is on another mission, yes and once he is return, yes my Lord, I see."

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