Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah XI

…But The Throne of God and Of The Lamb Shall Be In It…
Scene XI

-"I sadden you my Lord more than I increase your joy?" Witness upon as one taking a seat in the midst of her indescribable chamber, a better closeness to her, even an ear for hearing. “Having Maaseiah not only a memory of their cruelty, which I admit is boundless, but also of the forgiveness I’m to administer has all but made me the human/Messiah I am and shall for all eternity be. Although my lord you’re to comprehend this well, it is not man that disappointed me so but these heavens un-willingness to act, even upon promises it’s to make of its mouth, heart, if it’s to even have a heart," seeing how he’s to gaze abruptly upon her, that she’s to make such the adept allegation, that she was still her most cumbersome. "If this is blasphemy then I apologize, no, these heavens will not punish you for speaking your own heart, but if they’re equally heartless how it is my Lord Urusalim you’re to be taken from there to here? Will you ever my precious endearment be happy? ‘Don’t Blame Him,’ what, what is happen my Lord I can’t see,” suddenly with a whiteness and thus a brightness all around and throughout at her literally feeling her way around, did this frighten her somewhat, “Don’t Blame Him, It Is Not His Fault, I Prolonged It So,’ I can't see you but I, I, I know you loved us Ancient One but at times it was as though you loved the wicked more, enduring such the trial was like enduring the Cross daily. ‘No, I Loved Them And Thus Wanted To Give Them Every Opportunity, You Must Let This Go Now, Let It Go!’ Lord Urusalim, Lord, are you ok? You suddenly froze, no, I, I was saying with all Lord Highness you’d allowed of me upon the earth unto the eternity I often looked forward to, it was the joy and gladness of my being here would bring at authenticating such aspirations. Do you know how often I wanted to run to you?” Showing a single teardrop that’s to fall into the palm of his hand, how it’s to have not only a sorrow, but is each as the Ancient One described to have a seemingly incalculable sum. "Your pangs Maaseiah, your tears, as I’ve counted each and, don’t Lord Prince, cry for me any longer, this eternal ecstasy, we’re home now right, we’re safe? Our pangs and woes precious, sweet Prince lifted, isn’t this the unpronounced men have labored after all their days? Of course you mock me, the very heart, breath and dimension of me, surely Lord there was no mockery as I will gladly abide with you forever. The Lord Ancient will no doubt see you now, you may lord Raguel enter," calling into that curtain like veil unto that which was oblivious to her, immediately infecting her with fear and trepidation as she’d offended them all so. “He is no doubt disappointed with me as well, should I fear him? I permit thee Raguel take her at thy will, at His ancient bidding," as not to answer her but send her on her way did this horrify Lord Urusalem the more, warranting a punishment for sure. "Should I my Lord fear Him?" As one falling anxiously to His feet, to the hem of his garment at knowing she’d somehow blasphemed against Him, that very heaven. "Should I please, no Lord Urusalim, He is let down with me, I can feel it, no I think it’s Himself, this relentless long-suffering, peace be still sweet one, go thy way. You are Raguel, as in Angel, as in appointed to these heavens, and you are Urusalim, as in city of peace, as in the Lamb’s bride, as in appointed to this Highness for all times. There is nothing Lord to fear, His Lord Ancient will ask you to perform a task, perform it well and all will be well with thee. So you know me? As surely Lord Urusalim as you’re to know me, these heavens, that’s just it, that is when I lost hope, when the mighty, crystal dove forsook me was when I knew I didn’t know Him nor His heavens a toll. Do you really Lord believe Heavens Host caused such the indescribable recovery as this Crystal, Diamond Dove of which you speak only to abandon you the more? There must be something you haven't as yet realized. No this is it Lord Urusalim, even as they’re to fight the deep, the Earth, to defy heaven and netherworld at bringing you to these territories you’re yet so Unimpressed. Who is to be the damsel in distress? You never give up do you Lord Samuiel," responding to a fear creeping along the spine of his back as Lord Raguel is to know and loathe that voice, that with attempts at spoiling them both, immoral one. "So finally we meet," having pin pointed their location well had Lucifer come upon Lord Urusalim and her well to do escort with expert precision. "It is Maaseiah is it not, or should I call one so lovely, Lord Urusalim? What do we have to do with you Lord darkness? You will Lord Raguel release her to me, never!" Fitting a yet to respond Lord Urusalim behind him was she confused at who this person was and why was His evil free to roam the regions of the Third Heavens so profoundly wizard like. "There, the alarm has sounded, you will do well to escape while you can, come with me Maaseiah, gracious one," as to hold out a comforting hand to her at leading her off his directive and no doubt, doom. “Don’t think about it, just come, I know you’re unhappy here, I can feel it’s melancholy fusing through my veins, imploring me so, come with me! Up to your old tricks hey dark one? You’re not here, you can’t be here, seem you‘re to have me confused with you, go down now black void, you hesitated,” seeing the great evil is to dissipate as one waking from a dream, a bewildering nightmare so trying, ”you should never Lord Urusalim when he’s to beckon you, hesitate. I will Lord Raguel take it from here, as you’re being summon to the South entrance, yes Master Lord, right away Master Lord. “You can never Maaseiah make Helel think even momentarily that he’s to win over your trust, that wasn’t what I was doing, I simply, I didn’t know, didn’t know? I misunderstood what was happening and why here, by him of all adversaries, he is of no value to me my lord, I trust him not a toll, surely he is as always and forever swindled heart and soul, he is Lord Urusalem neither, but is seasonably but foolishly indomitable which is Helel’s initial curse.”

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