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The Paradise Of God To Come

A Shadow of biblical, even phenomenon things to come Lord Urusalim take us not only on this journey but into the most sort after soul and heart voyage soon arriving us right into the third heavens. The time of the bridegroom, of the marriage supper of the Lamb hath come and not only is Maaseiah invited but is she shockingly enough the primary sort after bridegroom soon to be crown Lord Urusalim . Totally flabbergasted and spiritually inundated at what she’s both hearing and seeing, does this mind-boggling experience all the more clarify certain mysteries always plaguing her life.

Lord Urusalim

Clearly what’s to happen once the church bride is taken out of what heavens host descries as the evil to come, as a darkness that is nearing for its final obstruction? Miraculously what will she see, hear and most of all experience? Totally and completely spontaneous created of this apostle’s redeemed heart, mind and soul. Of many of the divine experiences allowed her all through the years, even those of her own amazing dreams, visions and visitations to heaven, all remarkably told and testified in this work, who will believe this fantastic report?

And A Voice Like A Trumpet Crying Come Up Hither

-The prophet Isaiah asked ’Who Shall Believe our Report and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? This question wasn’t about to whom God would unveil his secrets, God has no secrets but to whom would God unveil Himself, His divine Order, even the gracious desires of His Heart. I remember when Elohim conversed among themselves whether to explain to Father Abraham what plans they had for sin cities Sodom and Gomorrah, how Noah and his house alone knew God was about to destroy the entire evil world of man by a major, cataclysmic flood.
-Of course, eventually there would be the gift of Prophecy, ordain men and women of trust would be given. Why? So there would again be no mysteries, no deception, so those hearing the prophet unto belief would know the great sorrows always until God’s Kingdom coming awaiting them just over the horizon. Thus and so is the short insert below simply a reminder how without Christ’s Cross fulfillment, as so God’s divine Kingdom to follow there’s no hope for mankind, there’s nothing but more of the same, no type of true value on this earth and then they genocide.
-Plainly it’s a curse, repeatedly there’s pain, sorrows, anguish and death and even after death there’s the Great White Throne Judgment. Although unto those sleeping in him and remaining and looking to his, Christ Jesus promised return there’s more than a jubilant escape, there’s the throne of heaven. John the revelator himself hath declared and after this I looked and behold a door was open in heaven and the first voice I heard was as it were a trumpet saying “Come Up Hither’ and I will show you things which must be hereafter….The Spirit and the Bride Say Come! Indeed This Apostle Say, Come!

From Beast Of Beauty, The Throne Of Heaven

-Born to a Seminole Indian Mother Maaseiah Adonai, unto Tiffany Ann a New York bred, world renown Model/ Fashion/Designer. Although now unto the throne of God soon to be dubbed Lord Urusalim, meaning Jerusalem, city of peace what an extraordinary journey. Indeed ‘The Throne Of Heaven’ is a fascinating imaginary look into the overall working of God’s kingdom, especially from the now risen church bride point of view, Maaseiah Adonai.
-This Apostle remember what now seem like ages ago, I looked into a dream or a memory whereas I was being carried off, or away from everything I knew and held dear despite how horribly I’d suffered down through the years. Clearly do I as well remember He carrying me off so miraculously and downheartedly was the Supreme Father Himself.
-At the same time He was showing me a church, a sanctuary, one unlike anything I’d seen or experienced on the earth before. I at this time was representative of the church bride, thus the unpronounced church that would rise so phenomenally after this great gathering of saints could only have been the tribulation saints.
-Justly where they so amazing, so truly Holy Spirit, I remember forewarning this Father so Holy how He was to be careful, lest they, these Tribulation Saints so Holy will take His heart. Now you’re to imagine through this work ‘The Throne Of Heaven‘, just what possibly transpired once the church bride at an appointed time inconceivable went on to experience. Truly eyes hath not seen, nor ears heard, neither hath it entered into the hearts of man the things God hath prepared for those who love Him.

…And He Showed Me A Pure River Of Water Of Life
Scene I

-“Who are you and what am I doing here? You have been brought here Maaseiah as the time of your appointment hath come. My appointment? The true reason that you are come into the world and now to here. Is this a dream, is that what this is? It is not a dream, you’re actually here as so am I. Then I’m dead, that's what this is, no and yes, you’re dead afar from the world but alive for all eternity as in heaven bound. Who are you? I know you don’t I? You seem so familiar yet such the foreigner, tell me this is a dream and it’ll all make, I can’t do that, it’s of no truth and thus I’m without said liberty. This is heaven? If this is heaven then I’m either dead or dreaming, you Maaseiah have been bidden to the marriage supper of the lamb, there can be such the like marriage without you, the bride. The what? At bringing stinging emotions to the forefront, even along the design of her perfect facial structure at having too plenty to mention dreams but was this a doozy. “This is our father’s house,” as to showcase to her in a way rather remarkable were his efforts literally unrealizable that he's to persuade her his directive. “You’re now in one of its many mansions, I’m not staying here,” as to leap into a run away although the door, the seeming exit ahead wasn’t a door, not as in a way out. Just as soon there was nothing but space, clouds, unto the unspeakable universe and soon a display of the entirety of the earth below. "My god," again activating a flood of tears along her face at the sudden, rather abrupt reminder it was all real. “My god I remember this, I stood here and I spoke to the masses of the earth below, I spoke to them all in one tongue. A tongue unfamiliar to me,” ideally positioning Him with this marvelous testimonial, marvelous countenance to marvelous countenance, eye to eye, "but familiar to the entire world as one. I remember the feel of those unfamiliar words rushing through every vein of my being, an actuality my Lord above and beyond any comprehension, there was such a peace, such a liberation, a humbling grand-stand. It wasn’t a dream Maaseiah but a memory and it was a reminder from which you’d come and to where you would go. "What do you mean it’s wasn’t a dream?" Additionally spilling old tears to new what was happening and why to her? Indeed how astonishing it all was, how remarkably implausible, unwordable. "Some of the things I remember as you say could only be performed by Supreme God’s deeming me only a by-stander. I can only Maaseiah speak the truth, this I tell you is the truth, then where are they? The chosen at transferring me from spirit to flesh, they are of course as you’ve always suspected cared after by one of the many rooms here. I know Maaseiah you’re to have many questions, but those who will prepare you for thy final and eternal purpose of all are here to assist you. Wait," as one questionably grabbing his hands into a physical astonishment unparalleled did this sweet, wholly incredulous interlude obscure her the more. "My god what was that?" As if she’s to be pleasantly shocked by electrical currents all over and through what indeed a titillating, even exhilarating plight. "My god what was that?" As one blinking and swallowing back new tears what, how indeed who were these blood startling occurrences, if she still had blood, what was happening to her? "I touched you and it was like I became you, that in a second I became all things that you were, are and shall for all eternity be. What was that? It is Maaseiah what you are, it is what we shall be for life, wed-lock everlasting, now trust me," as to passionately touch her temple did she just as soon lose consciousness at gingerly collapsing into his magnificent arms, passionate heart away.

Maaseiah II

Scene II

-“Stay with her always, as you wish my lord, she will my Lord no doubt have more questions, as long Lord Raphael as we’re to answer them honestly though cautiously. Our Master Lord Uriel hath waited forever it seem for this day now his bride like him abideth forever. What glory Raphael, how grand, finally death will be destroyed and those who’ve been faithful to these heavens will as Kings and Queens reign with us. What Uriel about the dungeons of the damn, you know how our Lord feel about them, even his Maaseiah? Now that realism Raphael the ancient of days alone is to have in his hand, I myself have been completely beside myself Lord Raphael with what all of this is to mean. How heaven and earth, New Urusalim will soon as always envisioned by these heavens reign as one, ah the blood Lord Uriel which has been spilled, the cup which hath been consumed, the flesh, so much flesh, so much anguish and toil, now nothing but this punctual culmination to it all. So it is true, she’s here? Yes, with a gladness unspeakable Lord Sariel I’m anxious to say she is, you’re faithfully telling me Lord Maaseiah is right beyond those doors? Yes, right beyond these gleaming with gratitude and suspense doors, of course Lord Raphael you’re being summoned to there, which is why I’m here. Something urgent or simply routine? Something I fear Lords very, extremely particular, His Ancient is talking in those puzzles again, I best go as no time has been as anxious as these times. I’m yet Lord Uriel beside myself that right beyond these doors is a divine fulfillment that’s been pending for the ancient. You know what this mean right? Soon, very soon, the seventh angel will sound, all prophecy will be realized and the kingdoms of mankind will become the kingdoms of the Ancient Of Days and He, that’s we Sariel and the Lamb shall reign forever. Why art thou cast down O my soul and why art thou so disquieten, hope thou in the fulfillment? I never got over the fall, never stopped missing my brothers, of course Sariel that admission isn’t to abash you so, neither of us ever came to restful terms with such events. Although does the Master Lord and Ancient Father need us to be our most faithful, that’s Sariel, our most true.”

Maaseiah III

…Proceeding Out Of The Throne Of God And The Lamb…
Scene III

"It’s burning," as to look into a door allowed her were things of this divine manner apparently apart of her training or something like that, “the church is burning, the smoke thereof is rising up to God weeping and mourning. Yes," as to prize his forthcoming bride beyond description had the heavens for years, mandates and criterion look forward to this very day. “Only Maaseiah listen to what the spirit is to say, behold it is the church, it has been cast down and literally destroyed, but the foundation haven’t been destroyed, it can be rebuild. Again Lord Maaseiah it verified, it can be rebuild, back upon the same foundation laid by Christ and his Holy Apostles. When I touched you earlier, when I felt you, it wasn’t just you I felt but all of mankind right? Not all of mankind Maaseiah, only those who are my sheep and hearing my voice, those following accordingly, and could they feel us? Yes, a mighty, even roaring ripple of Alleluias just rushed off their feet the entirety of man, they didn’t Maaseiah know what they felt, but that they felt was indiscernible, yes Maaseiah even him. Now you must come with me, there is much I’m to show you as the fulfillment of all things is upon all existence in heaven, earth and under the earth. Come Maaseiah," yet at a lack of enthusiasm had she as always feared, even joked, again had she simply traded one work place, the earth, for this other, divine prophecies fulfilling. “What you’re to show me just now remind me of another dream, a memory or what have you? I was leaving, I’d died to self and self-seeking in ways that made me cast down in my spirit, but I was leaving, the Supreme Father, or Ancient One Himself was this guide, this heavy-going yet miraculous get away. I remember he too showed me a church, a church that was more phenomena than any existing on the earth, I recalled he showed me this as to encourage me of what it was my, as the church-bride labor, and now my departing would establish. Again I remember looking upon this unspeakable church so glorious, so faithful and Jubilee that I forewarn Him, His Ancient, be careful Father, lest they take your heart. I was coming here wasn’t I, to this place in particular? I never understood why Him, why the Supreme Himself? Will my beloved trust me or not? Yes,” with eyes tingling and blinking toward a spill over, were these confessions more angelically heart twisting, entangling and dissolving than any other depiction, "of course, ---then my love, for always come."

Maaseiah IV

…In The Midst Of The Street Of It…
Scene IV

-"Now that would take forever," fixing her eyes upon a white, pearl, never-ending, winding staircase spiraling no doubt from her right into the Ancient’s throne, one with playing children up and down and all round it. "It just appear that way I assure you, you’re afraid of me? No, not Maaseiah as in your definition of fear, I’m cautious that’s all, as you I’ve waited for these moments eternally it seems now they’re to be approached with prudence and trembling. Why did you leave us?" Activating a nostril to stinging, eyes, as she’s to imagine all the suffering that has been endured at heaven’s unending pause, “why did you stay away so long? I had to leave, I had to return to my Father, to his glorified side, as I was to be glorified, and once I was there the decision upon my return was in his hand alone. I know Maaseiah the suffering down there, the horror was all so paramount, you must realize we experienced it too, every sorrow, every pain, every death Maaseiah." "Yet my Lord you hesitated," as one swabbing her dampen nose into a lengthy inhale, exhale was she actually in heaven or was it all a dream and for how long this time? "For duration, promises and prophecies, ---you’re sure this is not all a dream and I’m not to awaken to the region of, ---come," surprised that he’s to hand her his hand after the firing, electrical currents performing themselves the last time. No doubt it remind her of the hand offered her of Nicholas Edin that night most horrid. "It’s ok, it’s turn off kinda, it’s Ezekiel," having fast forward to other regions of heaven’s throne was she now fitting her eyes upon an older, gray person, one she instantly knew as the prophet Ezekiel. “Then it’s true, here we’re to know one another, yes and on that note Maaseiah I release you to him, there’s much he’s to show you, go. Remember Lord Maaseiah, eyes hath not seen, nor ears heard, nor hath it entered into the hearts of man, the things, ---yes, the things the Supreme hath prepared for those who LOVE HIM.”

Maaseiah V

…And On Either Sides Of The River…
Scene V

-"Be careful Lord lest they take your heart," having open one door in particular to her could Maaseiah see at the first nothing but a light, a light like the sunshine in all of its strength and a voice. A commission,” be ye washed, be ye cleansed, be ye washed, be ye cleansed," then she’s to see that hands went before this immensely lit throne of His most high. The hands and bodies of a multitude that could not be numbered for to be washed, for to be cleansed and this door was close for its light was blinding. <<<"He’s here, what is it Lord Uriel he’s to want now? What Raphael he’s always wanted, the Supremes’ throne, well he can’t have that now can he? He knows doesn’t he, he know she’s here? I don’t think he know, that he simply suspect, a suspicion Lord Raphael reminding him his time hath come. War is come to these heavens again, a war unlike any that is come, yes, to cast this evil one from his places of the high, he and his wicked princes, what Uriel a glorious day for these heavens although what a dark, dark day for the inhabitants of the earth." Having open to her a second door could she again see nothing but a great light, a countless luminosity that had become as a hand, a divine surgeon that was to reach into the chest of the multitude, taking he was their heart of stone, behold this hand bore their old heart while at the same time he was to give unto them a new heart. A heart of flesh and love unconditional when this door also was close for its light was blinding. “You are here why? Because your pure one of my ability to bruise your heel what else? What is it now my father work Lucifer hitherto as so do I. Testy, testy, one would think you’re trying to hide something hide, why would I try to hide anything from you? You’re dead, you’re a one thousand year imprisonment and after that judgment and hell, she is here isn’t she, you’ve taken her from right under my nose? The husband she has forsaken is frail but not anymore, I wonder why? What are you saying, that he has been visited upon by an angel perhaps, or something even more, grand, the pure ones glorified Maaseiah. I congratulate you, you have made her living on earth a manner of a first hell, torture, torment, but no longer. So she is here? Your time great evil is up, Lord Sealtiel will no doubt escort you out.” Opening to her a third and final door was Maaseiah to see this Magnificent Radiance had become as a mouth and was to speak great and swelling words to the multitude. Behold Maaseiah could not tell all that this mouth spoke but what she did remember hearing Him say was His instruction that they were to be well-acquainted with His grieves and His sorrows. Although she was to see more of a strange thing, how this great light became a hand again for to reach and touch indescribably the very temple of this multitude’s head. Upon which he did a form of anointing unfounded, immeasurable and incalculable which was to pour upon them. As so into them and they all left the throne of this Ancient One Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers, as the end-time harvest, as so the labors of the world hath come. “You and your Pure Lord Sealtiel will not get away with this, I know she is here. What you know blackness of the morning is your time of deletion hath arrived, this is not over, not by your most cherished dreams! Yeah I’ll tell Abaddon you said hello next tell I feed him, you best Hizkiel feed this Maaseiah to him or these high territories have a debt unaffordable to pay. The cross you mean, the Sacrificial Lamb no doubt, the ascension at leading all captivity captured, including you? How soon cursed one is all forgotten, indeed how clever."

Maaseiah VI

…Was There The Tree Of Life…
Scene VI

-"You can never Maaseiah do that again, do what? Don’t ok? Everything in these heavens because of the laws, testaments and promises of my Father has to be done a certain way. I left your memories of said things against the Father’s will intact unto the ceremonies are fulfilled don’t make me sorry. Now there’s a breach of such laws, one in which he will hurry at making war against us. He? You need not Maaseiah know his name, just that you’re to obey these heavens or many will suffer unnecessarily. What is it all for, why are these things being shown to me now? They’re hurried this way because of the seventh angel, the fulfillment. Finally Maaseiah our Father’s Kingdom will reign with man, something he has purpose after since the first fall. He showed me three doors, Lord Ezekiel, three doors that I’m to see the preparation of the end-time laborers. You Lord Christ went down in the gospels of man, the living word of the supreme as commissioning us that we’re to pray the father send more laborers into the harvest as it was white, ready. I remember that day so long ago when you appeared to me in the heaven lies, how even then three times you commissioned me to come, yes, come, as in see, you was to see Maaseiah that despite how greatly evil abound within the kingdoms of men one day our God would reign which is now. I felt such a peace, such a tranquility when each door was open and close at such a timely minor, a calmness, a peacefulness unspeakable. Yes, that is what heaven’s reign is, that prince of peace as you say, of tranquility man is to seek after for the ancient but he cannot, will not except by the cross, his Maaseiah own cross. I want you to take them from me, the memories, I don’t want them anymore, but Maaseiah, no if this is real and not a dream as you say then whatever Nicholas and I were to have as husband and wife is finished, if you do not I will not be held responsible. Come, there’s something at, or about the twelve gates I’m to show you, what? I don’t really know Maaseiah, it’s a feeling I have, come, and the memories? I trust you, as surely Maaseiah Adonai as you trust yourself, you knew my middle name, I and the Father hath given it to you, of course we know. It’s why you had to leave, if you’d not left, the Ancient of days greatest gift to mankind besides the prophets, the Cross and the blessed Holy Spirit hath not come, her, me, us, the church bride. Come,” again reaching out his hand to her, did she effortlessly accept at Him leading her this his edict.

Maaseiah VII

…Which Bear Twelve Manners Of Fruits…
Scene VII

-"You think Maaseiah I didn’t want to come running immediately to you every time you went into a heinous above description trial with my name on your lips? I know, it was almost as though you had to hate those who treasured you so they instead would love, and treasure your people. I realize this the very day I realized my life on earth was as horrible as my work was phenomena, I’m to say I’m sorry Maaseiah but how is that to even suffice? I think people realize the promises made the brethren prophets of old, as so mine own brother apostles but I think Maaseiah man is to forget promises of the Supreme were made to me as well. How everyday there was no manifestation I too was made ill in my very spirit. I guess Maaseiah what I’m to say is this wait has been both long and suffering, I hear you Lord but where are you taking me? There’s something at the gates of the city I’m to show you, what it’s to be I’m afraid neither of us are to know until once we’re there. So how did you do it, endure this everlasting continuation? I heard you that day Maaseiah when you’re to tell your husband how it is you want to be in the presence of music so anointed the Supreme Father Himself would want to come and abide in your house with you. That evenly melodies so spirited that the Heavenly Host would desire at riding along as a passenger with you. I remember how this revelation reminded you of yet another memory, yes, a baby Gabriel that was to ride in the car with us, I never understood it. A baby of course Maaseiah mean a form, a type of the original, how a genus of the angelic host with likeness of heaven’s man Lord Gabriel stayed always with you. I Maaseiah read your thoughts just then as we’re becoming one mind, that if this was so why didn’t he prevent some of the horrors you’re to endure. My god," as to see a bright, beyond description celebration, a form of divine Jubilee unto an unrealizable gathering, of an unrealizable host of heaven "what is happening? The day of your original heritage, you’re to be welcome back to it and them for eternity, just imagine Maaseiah if those heinous trials of yours are then magnified gloriously by heaven a million times their insufferable weight, what measure could it then mete? It would be measure-less, the reward would then my Lord be boundless, incalculable, then my beloved, welcome to the illimitable, from this day forward, you will not only be known as my bride. Nor as the Lamb’s wife but you will go forward unto Him, unto Him Maaseiah as He will dub thee for all the ancients yet to come as that City that is to sit for all eternity upon that hill, Urusalim, (Jerusalem, City of peace), go and remember I’m with you always. You’re not to come with,” as one supposedly turning into this glorious one for ions and ions but He’d disappeared or dissipated away entirely, which was beginning to be the norm all around and about the Kingdom Of Heaven. "You will Lord Urusalim trust me instead? And you are?" Witnessed upon as one wrapping a fold of her arm along his were these events already beyond any description, "I’m thine own host for this evening, Raguel, there’s much we’re to do still, ---o please great one, come."

Maaseiah VIII

…And Yielded Her Fruit Every Month…
Scene VIII

"I’ve arrived just as soon what is happen?" I think the proceedings a few nights past Pure One gravely overwhelmed her, being lead urgently of Lord Simiel who was overwrought with concern of the heavenly bride to be now Lord Urusalim. "She has like blood cried you a river, please tell your Lord these squabbles are squabbles of joy," as one whisking a silken curtain away to an unpronounced waiting chamber at coming right in to her, for to comfort her. "Make me lord to know joy and gladness that the bones which thou hast broken shall rejoice, said incitement was to make you merry Lord Urusalim not embitter you, but I am my Lord bitter," as one moving into a window overlooking phenomena manners of golden streets and crystal streams and structures. “But how My Lord, why? Many years ago I stood in what was once a penny store, yes with guess what? Pennies in my hand, only it was no longer a penny store but had it been instead transformed into an extravagant restaurant that I nor the pennies I’m to bear could rightly afford. So as

Maaseiah IX

…And The Leaves Of The Tree Where For The Healing Of The Nation…
Scene IX

-"There has my Lord been a breach, the higher gate north, ---he would dare come in by way of those higher places? And to the place my Lord you and yours hath so recently been, may I ask where is Lord Urusalim? She rest Lord Gabriel as she should, now let us lay waste to these intruders. It wasn’t our Maaseiah king evil,” coming upon him hurriedly was Lucifer with insidious intent set all around as he yet coveted the Heavenly Throne. “It must have been a plant of yours, one very clever, as you’re to use said allegation at researching and thus accusing these heavens, no my Lord, she was no invader or impostor of mine own, these heavens are in default and why the truth yet isn’t known. You tried the same thing ancients ago when Elder Enoch and Elijah whereabouts were questioned, nothing ancient wickedness came of it then and nothing will come of it now. You release her to me or I’ll, you’re what?" "Fall down now, ---what did you say?" Turning upon this heavenly throne with wrath and with toil were these manners of visits, thus allegations soon to be a thing of the ancient past forever. "I think great abomination I distinctively heard Lord Prince say, fall down now, ---if it isn’t Sir Gabriel and his marionette Raphael, we have never black of the morning cared about what you’re to think, why should we care now? Simply Lords point out this Maaseiah’s keep to me and mine, we’ll do the rest, ah haven’t you heard distasteful one? She has been dubbed Urusalim, the City Of Peace, get it? The Lord Pure is the Prince of Peace and His intended the Place of Peace. So by Lord Raphael’s disclosure she is here, even if she is, touch her and you’ll be pushing up that dark. As so that one thousand year dungeon before you’re to count to six, six and six. Deliver her to me boys and not only will I touch her but devour and spread her down my throat like an ancient violet so sweet and yet so bitterly satisfying. Your time has expired and we do have plenty of work, you know the wedding, the wedding supper, the grand tour, the Holy Mount Of Zion, the battle and ah yes blackness, your imprisonment. I will not leave until the Lord His Ancient is to speak with me, He did your ancient of evil speak with you, this pure one, He said and I repeat, ‘go down now’, and those thieves and robbers at the higher gate north, please by all means take them with you. All of this one day will be mine and each one of you will instead wake up in a lake of burning, ---all dreams dark planet, nothing but fantasies and reverie, have been since this throne’s bloody Lamb mourn "It Is Finished. He’s getting close my Lord, yes," as those witnessing Lucifer’s complete decline, were his accusations though right on was he instead cast right out as he’s to be powerless against the fulfillment of the Lamb’s Bloodshed. "Too close, although just as soon as she’s to sup of our wedding table Lord Urusalim will be out of his reach, yes Lord, but that will not stop him, no Lord Gabriel and is why we must for all eternity cast them from their high places. I will go now and see the Ancient Originator over such things, will our bride rise to eat my Lord, to drink? When Lord Raphael she is rested well, yes, but not until then, again yes my Lord. Should someone be sent Lord to forewarn the earthers, you know he will take out his anger on them especially, then yes Gabriel, although you’re not to send just anyone, go thyself." "Me lord? But I haven’t had an earthbound mission since I announced the redeemers’ birth, then Lord Gabriel you will be the lest suspected want you? Go, take Sariel and Jerahmeel as well, yes my Lord, right away my Lord."

Maaseiah X

…And There Shall Be No More Curse…
Scene X

-“He’s to leave Lord Prince a stench unbelievable every time he’s to visit these regions, which your Highest seem to be more and more frequent. He look for Maaseiah,, Maaseiah? Lord Urusalim your Highest, and how have you two been getting along? If Lord Highness He is more clever by a second than today’s visit he will discover her, but he isn’t clever is he? Helel is right now wondering was that earthbound visitation of his own contrition, don’t worry my Lord Prince, no harm will come to thine own Urusalim. It is time Lord Highness, is it not at preventing him from coming and going as he please to your high places. He tried to bring invaders by the high towers north, have you heard? Another example Son of how simple he is, and Lord True how determined, only moments earlier was Lord Urusalim and I to visit there, and yes," as to take a seat into his highest chair, as to place himself at his Highness throne, "what a magnanimous celebration that turn out at being. You’re right Lord Prince, Helel and his own are at an end unfounded, and the making of the heathen thy heritage just as well, command it Lord Timeless and today their high places will be made as desolate as the black hallows in their hearts. Bring Lord Urusalim to me, to this throne, but my Lord she rest, when she is finished then, I must speak with her directly. Is it true my Prince, Lord Gabriel is on a mission for earth? You know all things Ultimate Lord, good, his recognition there should open some eyes a bit, ---truly, you think? I don’t think any more my Lord Supreme, like Lord Urusalim after me I mourn more than I think. Well his presence there will yet be proof these heavens are yet long-suffering toward the entirety of Mankind and not just its glorious remnant, yes Lord Highness, a glorious remnant that will join us at that marriage supper very soon. You will have mercy upon her and not sacrifice? Of course mercy, always our Prince, mercy, -----she is even in these heavens Lord Timeless very distressed, did we go too far with her, you know when we’re to promise them at not placing a burden beyond that they’re to faithfully endure? Is that this aid wrenching the foul one’s chains, corridor to here by him as often, this, Lord Urusalim’s begrudging deficiency of absolution? I will Lord Highness never forget her claiming that her faith was by us rewarded with torture and torment, how if the heavens and earth are to understand her suffering then they’re to imagine my time on the cross lasting twenty plus years, crying aloud my god, my god why hast thou forsaken me? Why art thou so far from helping me and from the words of my roaring? O my God I cry in the daytime, but thou hearest not, and in the night season, and am not silent. You know Lord Prince what your tears will do," seeing Him strike at tears just below each eye, a crying Messiah would cause all the heavens and earth to lament accordingly. "How they will disrupt, I know as you what she has endured, isn’t that why she has arrived here ahead of schedule, the prayer how we’re to heal her or kill her, or heal her by killing her? Isn’t it why Helel is to think he has rights at laying claim to these heavens, the remnant will be here soon, as will Lord Urusalim just as soon forgive and forget. Then Timeless one I will have her delivered as soon as she is awaken and have her fill of the tree, since Lord Raguel is with her, who seem to be quite taken with her, will he deliver her your heart and thine ear. There is one other inquiry, go down now, when I spoke it to Lord Blackness it seem to disturb him more than I can say, why? The last time Helel heard that was just as I was describing the woman’s seed to him, as so his own detriment, you’ve thus Lord Prince open a most horrifying for him, even for them, a long, thought healed womb. Go and get the twelve heirs, it is time, but Lord Gabriel is on another mission, yes and once he is return, yes my Lord, I see."

Maaseiah XI

…But The Throne of God and Of The Lamb Shall Be In It…
Scene XI

-"I sadden you my Lord more than I increase your joy?" Witness upon as one taking a seat in the midst of her indescribable chamber, a better closeness to her, even an ear for hearing. “Having Maaseiah not only a memory of their cruelty, which I admit is boundless, but also of the forgiveness I’m to administer has all but made me the human/Messiah I am and shall for all eternity be. Although my lord you’re to comprehend this well, it is not man that disappointed me so but these heavens un-willingness to act, even upon promises it’s to make of its mouth, heart, if it’s to even have a heart," seeing how he’s to gaze abruptly upon her, that she’s to make such the adept allegation, that she was still her most cumbersome. "If this is blasphemy then I apologize, no, these heavens will not punish you for speaking your own heart, but if they’re equally heartless how it is my Lord Urusalim you’re to be taken from there to here? Will you ever my precious endearment be happy? ‘Don’t Blame Him,’ what, what is happen my Lord I can’t see,” suddenly with a whiteness and thus a brightness all around and throughout at her literally feeling her way around, did this frighten her somewhat, “Don’t Blame Him, It Is Not His Fault, I Prolonged It So,’ I can't see you but I, I, I know you loved us Ancient One but at times it was as though you loved the wicked more, enduring such the trial was like enduring the Cross daily. ‘No, I Loved Them And Thus Wanted To Give Them Every Opportunity, You Must Let This Go Now, Let It Go!’ Lord Urusalim, Lord, are you ok? You suddenly froze, no, I, I was saying with all Lord Highness you’d allowed of me upon the earth unto the eternity I often looked forward to, it was the joy and gladness of my being here would bring at authenticating such aspirations. Do you know how often I wanted to run to you?” Showing a single teardrop that’s to fall into the palm of his hand, how it’s to have not only a sorrow, but is each as the Ancient One described to have a seemingly incalculable sum. "Your pangs Maaseiah, your tears, as I’ve counted each and, don’t Lord Prince, cry for me any longer, this eternal ecstasy, we’re home now right, we’re safe? Our pangs and woes precious, sweet Prince lifted, isn’t this the unpronounced men have labored after all their days? Of course you mock me, the very heart, breath and dimension of me, surely Lord there was no mockery as I will gladly abide with you forever. The Lord Ancient will no doubt see you now, you may lord Raguel enter," calling into that curtain like veil unto that which was oblivious to her, immediately infecting her with fear and trepidation as she’d offended them all so. “He is no doubt disappointed with me as well, should I fear him? I permit thee Raguel take her at thy will, at His ancient bidding," as not to answer her but send her on her way did this horrify Lord Urusalem the more, warranting a punishment for sure. "Should I my Lord fear Him?" As one falling anxiously to His feet, to the hem of his garment at knowing she’d somehow blasphemed against Him, that very heaven. "Should I please, no Lord Urusalim, He is let down with me, I can feel it, no I think it’s Himself, this relentless long-suffering, peace be still sweet one, go thy way. You are Raguel, as in Angel, as in appointed to these heavens, and you are Urusalim, as in city of peace, as in the Lamb’s bride, as in appointed to this Highness for all times. There is nothing Lord to fear, His Lord Ancient will ask you to perform a task, perform it well and all will be well with thee. So you know me? As surely Lord Urusalim as you’re to know me, these heavens, that’s just it, that is when I lost hope, when the mighty, crystal dove forsook me was when I knew I didn’t know Him nor His heavens a toll. Do you really Lord believe Heavens Host caused such the indescribable recovery as this Crystal, Diamond Dove of which you speak only to abandon you the more? There must be something you haven't as yet realized. No this is it Lord Urusalim, even as they’re to fight the deep, the Earth, to defy heaven and netherworld at bringing you to these territories you’re yet so Unimpressed. Who is to be the damsel in distress? You never give up do you Lord Samuiel," responding to a fear creeping along the spine of his back as Lord Raguel is to know and loathe that voice, that with attempts at spoiling them both, immoral one. "So finally we meet," having pin pointed their location well had Lucifer come upon Lord Urusalim and her well to do escort with expert precision. "It is Maaseiah is it not, or should I call one so lovely, Lord Urusalim? What do we have to do with you Lord darkness? You will Lord Raguel release her to me, never!" Fitting a yet to respond Lord Urusalim behind him was she confused at who this person was and why was His evil free to roam the regions of the Third Heavens so profoundly wizard like. "There, the alarm has sounded, you will do well to escape while you can, come with me Maaseiah, gracious one," as to hold out a comforting hand to her at leading her off his directive and no doubt, doom. “Don’t think about it, just come, I know you’re unhappy here, I can feel it’s melancholy fusing through my veins, imploring me so, come with me! Up to your old tricks hey dark one? You’re not here, you can’t be here, seem you‘re to have me confused with you, go down now black void, you hesitated,” seeing the great evil is to dissipate as one waking from a dream, a bewildering nightmare so trying, ”you should never Lord Urusalim when he’s to beckon you, hesitate. I will Lord Raguel take it from here, as you’re being summon to the South entrance, yes Master Lord, right away Master Lord. “You can never Maaseiah make Helel think even momentarily that he’s to win over your trust, that wasn’t what I was doing, I simply, I didn’t know, didn’t know? I misunderstood what was happening and why here, by him of all adversaries, he is of no value to me my lord, I trust him not a toll, surely he is as always and forever swindled heart and soul, he is Lord Urusalem neither, but is seasonably but foolishly indomitable which is Helel’s initial curse.”

Maaseiah XII

…And His Servant Shall Serve Him…
Scene XII

-“What is happen? The Dark one my Lord Michael wasn’t only here, but had trapped Lord Raguel and Lord Urusalim accordingly, what do you mean trapped? He had them hostage," as one pointing into a map of the Supremes throne a literally immeasurable circumference of occupied and unoccupied mansions, how it was easy for this dark prince once a residence to breach it all. "Between the plight of stairs there and the crystal stream south, the Twelve? Brought up to here only last night, the African Juttah as well my Lord, they are right now realizing the Septennial itself is happen to them. Although Lord Raguel a great war has begun against another, many are dead, as so many scattered, which is why you’re readied unto her cities? How long will he entreat her? Until said temptation Lord is denied by her, temptation my Lord, is that what this is about? Why don’t he ever give up, what is it he really want? He Lord Raguel want what our Lord Prince of Ages is to want, Samuiel want to make Maaseiah his wife, his what?" Visibly astonishing him, as so from that center of arrangement up-rooting him, at literally being ready to go down, fight at Jacob’s side. "What did you say? Is it so hard to realize my Lord Raguel? He’s always wanted whatever the Lord His Holy is to claim, don’t worry, she will not fail Prince of the Ages. I don’t know about that Lord Michael, she is yet so discontented, ---our Prince, we did not know you were there, ---don’t alarm yourselves, I really enjoy your various debates. Anyway let’s get this done," sitting with a straight back, neck as to be groomed for a long, anticipated wedding had time come finally for the marriage supper of the Lamb, to its pending one thousand year earthbound reign. "Where is everybody, even Lord Gabriel? Gabriel my Lords was caught going to and fro in the midst of all these trials, they’ve seized him and now lay hold upon him, I have sent Uriel, Ramiel and Raphael. Then Michael the final war in these heavens have begun, may there be glory to God in the highest, peace and good will to heaven, the earth and even under the earth. <<<"I don’t His Ancient understand, what are you asking of me? They need to hear from you, city of tranquility and hope, will you now speak with them? I, I don’t know how, what to say. You don’t have to, loan them your heart and the words, the sentiment will follow, I assure you, so I can’t Highness, get this wrong? As Long as you love them as greatly as you love them Lord Urusalim there is no margin for error, this all look familiar, I stood here before, spoke to them before, yes Magnificent one, speak to them now," that just as soon as His Ancient said that, did her mouth open to an unknown, that’s a sorely wondrous language issuing up from every particle of her being at spreading itself along the canons of oceans, seas, and mountains. As so the highways and byways, at sprouting hallelujahs through-out the entire lives, lands and territories of the earth and man how stupendously beyond any portrayal.

Maaseiah XIII

…And They Shall See His Face…
Scene XIII

-"You were completely different, yes, you Lord Urusalim truly admired him, and you didn’t, he’s to make me feel my most vulnerable. Especially when I’m around, well, my most human, I don’t know what to do with such, you know, just, with such eagerness even in my blood. I hesitated I know," as to be unaware of his alluring advances how would she ever bear it, bear him, not just the royal but the romantic marriage they were to have, together, forever. "I hesitated, I didn’t hesitate for lack of, of," again witness upon as one making that approach all the more personal, having taken her soft, smooth hand into his own did she once again merge into. As upon one and not only encounter but did she unexpectedly convert into the unprecedented, imperceptible marvel not only he was but the entirety of those astonishing heavens. "You are touching me my Lord and I can’t hardly bare it, I’m not touching you, I’m marrying you, this is our inescapable chapel of matrimony, but this can’t, be, be happening can it? It’s not pos, possible," with an irresistible seduction as he, even an advancing, wholly contagious reduction inhaled of her every breath, exposed and passionately conversant of each taken into custody filament of being. Every vigilant materiality, were they one, unexplainably were they a single entity and as solitary as any two abiding forces of inexhaustible dynamism could indeed be. That it was here in the most liquefying concatenation of her continuation did a mounting, blaring aloud from every fiber of creation Lord Urusalim know why the masses where invited to a wedding supper alone. “I can’t take, you’re, you’re, I’m , I’m,” as one jerking away from a stinging sentiment along her artist cheeks, nose, even those designing her stout neck, was Lord Urusalim as one unable at believing her own electrified, literally trounce with wonderment heart, even if she’s to at this point have a heart. “Have mercy please my lord, please have, I don’t want to, I want to dissipate you away entirely into this one heartbeat, breath and reality away where alone we‘re this incalculable reunion.“ As one feeling his warm confession in her ear, his rapid heartbeat in her throat, his intensified blood flow exhilarating every fiber, if they’re to have bodies. As so every ounce of skin, if she’s to have skin at this point of divine imperilment, imperiling her so. “You are my Maaseiah, even Lord Urusalim, mine immortal factuality, actuality, come, come Lord where?” For this, this domineering execution of spirit and steeping fluids of this lifespan, if she’s to yet be of fleshly tissue and life altering fluctuations, was nothing less than and that yet far surpassing a marriage bed. “Ask not my Lord, just follow me, there is much still, and the one place in particular you must experience, take my charge dear one and come.” <<<"No black ancient, you’re beyond insanity if you think you’re to keep me prison here, that the root of David would remotely trade me for Lord Urusalim, clearly your contorting and consorting with corrupt spirits has gravely imperiled your comprehension. I will have Lord Urusalim you will see it, the entire heaven you will see it, you’re slaughtering her children even as we speak, those desolate and forsaken Lord Gabriel not by me but by the one you call Lord of us all. Let me lose from these bars, let me return to my post, and perhaps the Lord anointed will have mercy and not sacrifice, not until Lord Gabriel you’re to tell me how it is I’m to lay hold to Lord Urusalim. how I’m to take that they’re to treasure the most right from under their meddling noses. You inquire of me dark lord as though you think I will betray Him, you think I prefer my continuation over His Own? By Him alone dark prince you are no more, you’re a distant memory, now let me lose from these bonds! ” clearly as one yanking and pulling at the bars noting his captives departing, was Lord Gabriel screaming into the margin of light coming in from above at not being as alarmed as Lucifer’s doom dawn more and more but was it more for show. “I’m afraid Lord Gabriel, you will be in that hole until your Lord Supreme make a decision, ---ah he’s to make a decision alright, only if it’s to be of your liking, lord of the fallen, ---you let me out, let me out, you hear me?" <<<"So Hakeim what is the dark ones answer, he will not Lord Supreme release him, not until Lord Urusalim is placed in his hand, ---loose the four angels bond in the great river Euphrates. My Lord? LOOSE THEM! They will be a great deterrent to his efforts, summon Hanariel, Anael, Hizkiel, and Idrael all to me, as you will my Lord. Where is Lord Michael? We do not know Highest One, first Lord Gabriel, now Lord Michael, then I will see A’albiel, as you desire my Lord Ancient, as you Great One desire."

Maaseiah XIV

…And His Name Shall Be In Their Foreheads…
Scene XIV

-“I’m not hiding my lord, nor are you hidden, I awaken from our wondrous marriage to here, this special place beyond any comprehension, it is lord Urusalim the Maaser Rishon room, it’s so amazing, the music alone, the dancing that seem to be all around, up and down, even under my feet, if my Lord I’m to, have, and of every form at the same time, and the singing, the continuous lyrics, he- is- holyyyy-He-is holyyyy-and-we- praise- his-ho-lyyy-nameee. I’ve never, everything here, everybody, even just now my lord, I remember this night Nicholas and I were making love, we were reaching its unspeakable zenith and he let out the most astonishing cry, scream and he was crying, crying uncontrollably. A fantastic Phantasm bringing him up and into a seat beside the bed, and it frighten me so, and he said it, I, well we hurt so good, so remarkably beyond heaven and earth that he’s hardly to bear it, and for at least thirty minute he was inhibited, even crisscrossed this way. What couldn’t have happen Lord but did happen just now, even this room of Levi, of Maaser Rishon now I know in words or in description totally abandoning me what it was he felt. It was like this beyond narrative good death, even beyond all humanity realism it could then, only then be holy spirit, and divinely indecisive, in descriptive or something of, lean not Lord Urusalim unto thine own understanding,” seeing she’s to break down heavily into a cry at grabbing a hold of her, at laying his forward, his phenomena kinship to her, again dissolving them entirely into one this inexpressible singularity. “Your tears Lord Urusalim, you know what they will do, but in all thy ways Lord acknowledge the Ancient One and he shall direct thy path. I know this Lord Prince for a certainty, but it’s all so totally overriding, so remarkably over-shadowing, it is high, every original bone broken of it, how could man have ever contain unto it? I don’t know, it’s to take me, consume me and yet leave me here so mystified by it all, then I awaken here, here in this white, glowing remarkably singing, dancing escape, it’s all so far beyond anything, anything we, mankind could’ve ever, ever imagined. In Jewish tradition Maaseiah, a Levite meaning attached was a member of the Hebrew Tribe, when Lord Joshua led the Israelites into the land of Canaan the Levites were the only Israelite tribe who received cities but no tribal land "because the Lord the God of Israel Himself would be their possession.” “Because Maaseiah, the Lord God Of Israel would be their possession, in return, the Landed tribes were expected to give tithe to the Levites, particularly the tithe known as the Maaser Rishon, eser meaning tenth or Levite Tribe. This Maaseiah is what you saw, when you saw the Supreme His Highest dancing, ah my god I remember that, do you as well remember why he danced, yes, he finally had a people who walked by faith and totally obeyed Him. In other words, the Levite tribe financial status was left to how obedient to the Maaser Rishon the landed Hebrews were, any corruption or disruption would spoil all things forever. So I can assume there are other similar rooms named for each tribe of Israel, yes, as this one is of pure ivory, others are named for twelve other tribes, dressed with particular ever sustaining minerals, as long Lord Urusalim as you’re here you will no doubt get to know them well. Should I even asked how I end up here, are we yet flesh? Ascended, immortal, incorruptible, multitudinous Lord City of Peace and ready to live out an eternity as such yes, yes we are, we are Lord Urusalim redeemed, you must not forget that, not that these heavens will ever allow you to, ----come, as all days, today is a great day, the two olive branches are returned, the wine press is overflowing, today Lord Maaseiah is their day. I have not spoken of it my Lord but is Lord Gabriel in much peril? No, none a toll, not even the gates of hell can prevail, remember, he’s a timely distraction, and we a timely appointment all as the Kingdom of men have become the Kingdoms of our God and He not them shall reign forever. I finally Maaseiah feel your lovely recompense with all that is about us, inside and out of us and it is so sweet, so deliciously, overwhelmingly Divine. Such a blusterous breaking through, even out, again it enchants the very soul of all things we are and shall forever be. You are all things I’m ever to be, I see that now, all things of every romantic love that’s ever to love me, I know that now, every one of you is there, is here Maaseiah,” as one taking her hand, applying it to his chest, to his heart crying aloud, sparing not, “blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. It spoke,” shockingly jerking her hand back, that after all the matchless appearances in the third heavens, there is yet that astonishing her. “Your heart of astronomical passion just spoke to me, to us all, them all Lord Urusalim, and that it spoke is blessed and true and we shall reign forever.”

Maaseiah XV

…And There Shall Be No Night There…
Scene XV

-”I remember when I asked the question why was hell eternal? Of course I knew the answer as all of its inhabitants are eternal beings. I mean I know people can be horrible, how I’ve been around some very appalling people, even in my household. Have mercy Lord, she was quoting the 51st psalm, ‘Forgive me O God, according to thy loving kindness, according unto the multitudes of thy tender mercies, blot out mine transgressions, wash me thoroughly from mine iniquities and cleanse me from sin. "Yes Lord Urusalim I know, her name is Lydian, you know her name? I know all of their names, as so do you, Lydian?” That as a light most luminous is to come all at once at her knowing, and seeing just as described of her, at her comprehending. “She was pregnant, abandon, she didn’t know how to deal with it, thus she ended her life with the 51st psalm on her lips. It’s won’t Lord Urusalim always be this way, especially whenever we’re to visit, it’s to bring a form of peace and tranquility unspeakable. Surely these are only good sounding words, is there truly Prince Lord a way to put a soul to rest? I can’t believe Eldest One you’re asking me that question, what is the look of, with such awe? You my Lord called me Elder, that’s what you are, yes even here Maaseiah, in these here high heavens, thou art one laboring unto the lost as an Elder. Then Highest Lord of Israel, of the House of David, you fully understand what it is I ask of you? Surely Maaseiah you flatter? No, Lord, you’re right, you speak the truth, your heart Maaseiah is truth. You do know sweetest one ever I’ve known that I’ve considered this as well, sought of the ELOHIM as well, and what did His, my Lord discover? Because dearest Lord so full of mercy, I cannot bear it, that souls will suffer for all of time, never finding rest. You precious one,” touching her dampen cheek at bringing her sad gaze into his own, what a stunning beyond description alliance Elohim indeed hath made unto Him, unto the entire paradise of Heaven, His Lord Urusalem. “You need not whisper, no thing that is thought or spoken between these here divine walls can suppress the Father Lord, nor these exalted places as an entire, the Elohim know what you seek Maaseiah and why it is you seek. Then you my Lord of Host know the answer? The Elohim Maaseiah know the answer, you are Lord Urusalem, that now includes you, you too know this answer, then there’s no way of escape, then my Lord, my precious think again, for surely the more they accept their fate, the less they will suffer, all Mercy On high! The more they fight against the truth of it all, the more are they to be overcome by this falseness torturous ways, I don’t know sweetest one if that is to somehow Medicaid this softness of heart you’re to bear, but that is about as merciful as this torture-prone jurisdiction of mankind’s imprudence is to allow, as always peace of mind Lord Urusalem is the soul’s single release. As so will such things change after the great white throne judgment, whereas the mountains, hills and valleys, as so the many seas and oceans are all to give up their dead whereas some of those in these dark crevices could be acquitted. As it was with me, excuse me? How I awaken only seconds later to darkness and a void indescribable, it was a hollowness my Lord and a stillness incomprehensible until one approached me, one who held a hand toward me and told me to come. That when I came light came under my feet with every step and eventually all around until I perceived I was walking in revelation, the same one spoken by John, or so Maaseiah you thought, not knowing great revelations of thine own awaited. I don’t know what is happening to me,” as one displaying a finger sparkling with a single tear once wriggling down her cheek at wondering whether she and Christians Cros were finally this unquenchable, dolefully transmittable spectacle, was Lord Urusalim inundated with uncertainty. “Is this even real? I never thought it could be this personal, or Lord Urusalim this physical, but it is all things promised mankind from our first parents to the Supremes Kingdom come. A crystal water fall roars and thunder behind them, an ocean of white floras surrounds them as they’re summoned to the final analysis of their concluding concert, what are you quoting, even recounting? It was something Christian Cros told me, another descriptor of this phenomena marriage he’s to witness. I gravely my lord felt him in our midst last night, he disappeared from the earth only days prior to myself and I’ve been so departed without him. Ah yes,” literally as one displaying himself displeased at the very assumption, even discontented, but of course that wasn’t at all possible. "Christian Cros, you are Lord Urusalim pleased with him?“ Amiably drawing himself close at laying his forward into hers, did they as yet de-materialize into this inexpressible singularity as only they could. "Please my Lord, tell me, yes he was a representative of me on the earth as I was of him, it was him you were to know in ways unexplainable one night past, even now, as he and I are this one. "My lord Israel," with Lord Hahaiah coming in as a visual transmission was their special coupling as so interrupted for now. "Speak truly Lords, Los, Azazel, Shemhazai and Nanna are being loosed from their bonds at the Pharates River, they’re to act my lord as a disincentive to the impious ones efforts. Loosed?" Not wanting to break off this phenomenally engaging occasion, was hearing this news proof they were at this point of no return. "Then Lord Hahaiah the kingdoms of both evil and man are at this arena of no homecoming, unto the Ancient One’s Reign. This fascinating gift Lord Urusalim is what I’ve anticipated since the moment you’ve come, this divine ecstasy, cheerfulness and serenity, if knowing he’s here with you radiant this marvelous ness so then I too am happy. You are unto assignments gracious one, as so am I, I pray what you have learn here this day, will suffice, it will my Lord, it has and it will, good, I will as always sweetest one, see you soon, will you not come my lord? Beckon Jeduthun to the seventeenth hall," readying his unexplainable cloak at yet maintaining a vexing eye to eye contact affix permanently to her own, that they’re to be this implacably in love and marriage. "Convene the High Officialdom, that is just it holy one, all regarding thrones, Dominations and Principalities have been summoned before the Supremes’ Throne, it is that urgent. Lord Gabriel and Lord Michael? Like in the times of Lord Daniel no one Lord Israel at this point know, then Lord Hahaiah I’m right on your heels aren’t I? As so the Olive branches, the multitudinous wine press all Lord Urusalim await your approval, await my approval? I’m afraid I don’t understand, go Lord Hahaiah, at your request lord, the Olives Branches, the Wine Press, how will I ever face them? Just Lord Urusalim as you faced Lord Ezekiel, Gabriel, even His Ancient, as so thine own bridegroom, you will come, and you will know, believest thou this? Yes, yes of course, then you understand? Yes, yes I understand, yes I do, just you lead the way, just you Lord Divine follow. You are there? I am, you have always been with me? I have, always? Always Lord So True, I’ve always referred to you as Holy Spirit, and it Lord Holy has been most rewarding, now I know you are Lord Izidkiel, at your service as always wondrous one. Was the Lord, Holy Ones answer most worthy of acceptation, yes, as always Lord Izidkiel it indeed was, is, we have assignments as usual wondrous one, yes, and I’m most anxious, as you lead I, Lord Izidkiel will follow.” <<<”And you shall never thirst again,” as dearest Lamb spoken to the woman at Jacob’s well, will this truth Hallowed Father On High ever for Lord Urusalem be realized? She is yet in much peril over the dungeons and the myriad lost to there, yes I just now dearest Lord shared her most indebt unease, it is to be anticipated is it not, having the manner of benevolent heart as this? It isn’t as of much concern My Son as you perhaps, Urusalem is new to these high places, she has much to learn, yes, of course Ancient Father, of course. So what does the earthers think of their new god, surely you make mockery, then Hallowed Father as long suffering I apologize, some are as fearful as to serve him, others just as fearful are to flee him, though the veil regarding his reveal is lifted apart for all times. Many will perish as suspected, as is apparent with Hades exultant service, though most sweetest Lord with their souls intact, for we father Lord wrestle not against flesh and blood, as such is sword like evident crying aloud, sparing not, woe unto the earth’s inhabitant as Helel having a little space and great wrath is come down to you.”

...From Poetry Rising 04/09/2003,
…The Interval…

-Whether it’s Nicholas Edin summoning his Tiffany Ann, or Sioux Noel his Maaseiah Adonai or Christian Cros his Lord Urusalim eternal ‘Failing Nights’is a heartfelt admission inconceivable of how lonesome. Or how we, mankind long for his one single, most proficient, even God induced love affair so immortal…Henceforth this Apostle give you…

Failing Nights

-My Dear Maaseiah, the failing nights are laying a foundation of solitude and isolation is all but drilling lastingness and continuance has to offer. It is those encounters you hold fast, as well their well-versed voices, chatter and laughter and soon. Just as soon a sunup bring on its heel an even more drooling after dark than lonesomeness. How to spend this great imperilment I beseech thee, this dismal archenemy and my sole heart its sitting duck?

-Although this night judiciously contiguous and adjacent to impending regions. Another half sown apart and away from me by an inevitable yet unyielding loathing, where art thou immortal life, love? When art thou? We're discovered tend toward our cognition, we're blasted with shamefacedness and yes leaning there where we will not, or it's perhaps cannot, we're incapable of realizing the heart of man, his kind.

-However beloved who is to care? Capable instead are we at comprehending the heart of the Supreme, whose heart upon which I'm twin. Yes I'm twofold and retrieved as one anguishing extensively in the direction of my undying one. That we neither overdraw nor desist but hope for one the other, summoning ourselves to an appointment of performing singleness.

-This night so distinctive, imperiling me so, breaking down a given up soul, hark tis a voice "remember from whence thou art broken and mend, mend it say mend and bring thyself again.” Accounted for and absorbed, a sharp, eerie silence in my shadow's blood. He is those fallen in love, I heard you so well, a cup of trembling, overflowing and spilled.

-Today thou begun a voyage into the bewitching hour, collaborating with time's duration on its intended cower. En route for eternity art my love gone deep, how deep my love, indeed what character, which stage, as I'm to discover unremittingly thy loathsome fate? Yes thou art mine immortal, the occurrence of a wild yonder breeze, recover thy beloved again, I beseech thee. From Beast of Beauty, fea. Maaseiah Adonai and Arise Sioux Noel, Wr. By: Patricia A Bradford, Apostle, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM) (c) copyright 2008-2014

The First Female, Marriage Supper

-Like portrayed in this amazing work, the first ever I spoke out in an unknown tongue I was in the heavens, in a space there, looking into the second heavens (universe), then upon the first heavens and soon all nations of the world below. Justly looking down and speaking unto them in a tongue unknown to me a toll but was it understood in every language upon the earth. Immediately I thought to myself how could men of the world take something as extraordinary as the unknown tongue issuing up from, seemingly through every fiber of my being and blood? Just as so how could they take something so beyond description and rise up instead into spirits of envy, jealousy, strife and every evil work? Into apostate churches, congregations and preachers, preaching, into abominable lives, lands and churches?

-Truly primetime television is inundated with what is being labored ‘Reality TV,’ their not realizing what’s transpiring in heaven is what could be the church bride and the first female, even human remnant ever to ascend to the Kingdom of Heaven. How the Holy Spirits that be want you to realize how by the living word from Genesis to Revelation there is only one reality. That’s one divine practicality, how the earth at present, the heavens, the fullness thereof is the Lord God, all of which is passing away into a newness unthinkable per His Kingdom Coming. Whereas only those who worship Elohim as of Jesus Christ’s Cross is the only human remnant which is to reign with them forever, forget going green, go red, even white, the redeeming blood of Christ’s Cross, again I give you Lord Urusalim (Jerusalem, City Of Peace)…

Maaseiah XVI

…And They Need No Candle…

Scene XVI

-“All hail to Lord Urusalim, all hail to Lord Urusalim, who is, was and is to come for all eternity, all hail to you Olive Branches, and you Wine Press, The Anointed Bride. Here we all stand as a fulfillment of all the Supreme hath promised, all hail to this Ancient Holy One who is, was and is to come forever, all hail to Him as we’re to cast off our golden crowns and cast them at His feet, not blessed ones because we’re ungrateful but because He, His Holy is so beyond description, again and again and again blessed ones praise His Ancient One name as He alone is worthy to be praised. And a voice came out of the throne, saying, Praise our God, all ye his servants, and ye that fear him, both small and great. And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunder, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reign. Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints. And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God. And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. All hail to Lord Urusalim, all hail to Lord Urusalim, who is, was and is to come for all eternity, all hail to you Olive Branches, and you Wine Press, and you Anointed Bride. All hail to His Ancient Holy One who is, was and is to come forever, let all those who’re to rest from their labors and their works do follow them say, all Hail to His Ancient on High.” >>>“It is time, yes I know King Lord, I don’t hesitate, she was wondrous by the way, thine own Lord Urusalim, she knew exactly how to greet the Olive Branches and the Wine Press, I was more than impressed. Was there Lord Ancient any doubt she would be? It is what His being cast down will mean for the earthers, yes, but against his will and all that is the new heaven and earth he holds Lord Gabriel and for all we know Lord Michael is perhaps in his grasp. Lord Michael fights for Lord Gabriel’s release, the Mighty Archangel and plenty of others, but Son most precious, you’re right, cast him down and this war of heaven will end abruptly. Do it, woe unto the inhabitants’ of the earth and of the sea for Helel is come down unto you, having great wrath, because Lord King he know for a certainty he hath but a short space. You have already told him to go down, make it your command and Lord Helel will have no power but to obey the endurance of the sacrificial cross. All this time Lord Ancient, yes, all this time, now go that all things spoken and written shall be fulfilled and we shall by unpronounced promises forever reign. <<<”All these rubies for what Lord Urusalim is staring from heaven’s mansion into the crystal sea thinking, he loved you, more than that He His Ancient is so entirely impressed with you, how do they differ, Lord the Church Bride and Lord Urusalim, or do they? They don’t differ, they’re one and at the same time they’re individuals, they are ubiquitous, yet something has disappointed you? No, not disappointed me, they all greet me as though I too am His Highness, His Ancient, as though I’ve always been, yes, true, why is that strange? The Church bride is her Christ’s, the Christ His Ancient, therein they’re all intertwine together as a single will but with quadruplets assignments. I knew exactly what to say and how to say it, of course you did, you are Maaseiah who and what you shall be for all eternity. I have sent my angel to testify unto these things in the churches. I am the Root and offspring of David, and the Bright and Morning Star, And the spirit and the bride say come, let him who hears say come, and let him who is athirst come, whosoever will, let him take of the water freely. ” >>>”Just what is it Lord His truthfulness you think you’re doing? That Helel, which has been coming for His Ancient of Days, and you Lord Urusalim, you’re to agree? Go down now blackness of the morning, for thy time and thy faithful term hath come, how can I go without you?” Peering his eyes on one thing in particular, was this the real reason why he desired so after Lord City of peace, with her of course being totally oblivious of his true purpose. “How can I ever be, be gone away from these high halls? Now black one and forever, at thine order Lords divine, but woe, woe and woe to the earths inhabitants. Holy Lords of Israel, Did you see? The very keys which are upon your wrist got his utmost importance, keys, it is a most dreaded scar, I Lord even remember how I got it, how my siblings thought it was the end for them all, my mother being so over protectant. It Maaseiah is what will imprisoned Helel away for a thousand years, the very key to the bottomless pit and another reason he’s to purpose after Her Highness so My Lord? And there was war in heaven, Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not, neither was their place found any more in heaven. And I saw an angel come down from heaven having the key of the bottomless pit, and a great chain in his hand and he laid hold upon the Dragon, that old Serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan and bound him a thousand years. I looked into this dream, this memory Sweet Prince as you would have it, I, with my niece assistance, I, as always, I was on this mission for the lost, soon a great evil came after me, for to destroy me, this beast having the body of a bear and face of a lion, I ran, I remember and took refuge in a vacant red automobile, when I did, as I glance to one side, all I could see, for as far as I could see was a land filled with the bones and carcasses of this great beast swallow, again lord for as far as the eyes could see, yet when I look still to another direction I saw a dark dungeon, I saw that in this dungeon was yet another beast, a greater, mightier beast yet to come, I saw that the prison doors slowly gave up and into his timely release, I saw Lord Prince that one was loosed and had slain millions, with another, a greater to come. There’s Lord Urusalem something else that you saw, something much more important, that lord while I laid hidden for my life, I soon looked and saw my husband come, I saw you, the great Victor, and like the Apostle John was to bear witness, I saw that together we fought this beast, and we slew this beast, as so shall it Maaseiah, be, as so Lord Urusalem shall it be.”

Maaseiah XVII

…Neither Light Of The Sun…
Scene XVII

"To what do I owe this privilege?" Displaying herself as one on guard was her guardian Izidkiel most proficient for days now nowhere to be noted. "Who are you? I’m A’albiel,” as one bowing to her to display obeisance although was Lord Urusalim somewhat disturbed by his, their suspicious visitation. "Even Damien, and Syene, you are Lord Urusalim and we’re the ones seeing you to your next designation so passed due. And what Lord A’albiel would such the like itinerary be, even where is Lord Izidkiel, my most trusted companion? You wouldn’t Lord Urusalim be stalling for time?" As those grabbing her as to handle her roughly, as to bring her against her will, against the will of all heaven, earth and beneath. "You are black," with purpose at wrestling herself free was it apparent even in these high places on high did they mean her primarily evil. "Cold and as black as any narrative, as black cherished one as you are light," again bringing her along a quiet place could Lord Urusalim see in the distance the tower above staircase leading to his highest throne at knowing those most omniscient would fathom this treason, thus she bore patience that her Knight Lord being mighty in war most victorious would surely rescue her. "Why do you let him persuade you this way? Punished for all eternity doesn’t that mean anything? Not desired one as long as I deliver you to him," holding her mouth at curving them down, away, down into a hideaway from researchers could Lord Urusalim not comprehend how they’d gotten to this point with her. "Then black lords if I am as important as you say why is this infraction so effortless?" "I’m A’albiel," again as those etching them along this without exertion infraction so cautiously would they not lay hold to her wisdom most glorious. "I’m Lord Urusalim a little Michael, if you will be so kind as to follow us and just as trusting. Lord A’albiel, Lord Urusalim is trying to inform you you’re on your way to a spirituous union of the host of Helel’s making, there you and he will reign as an entire. I perceive one who is a long way from his assignment wouldn’t you say Damien?” Having as Lord Urusalem suspected pinpointed their useless seizure of this most exalted one, was it all by heaven host being brought to a dramatic conclusion. “I’ve come too far Dazzling one not even you can prevent me, you will A’albiel liberate her and you will liberate her now! Me and my host Lord Michael doesn’t think so,” was an alerted Michael constrain by the presence of a myriad of those fallen and following but did he have at his disposal the Holiest of Holy by an even greater, incalculable number. "You can’t have her, you know A’albiel you can’t, thus your abrupt haste is unto what purpose? Lord Ancient, you must know I’m to go to her, this is their fight Lord Israel, not yours, I fear they cannot defeat this ancient evil and his horde. Defeat them, need I Sweet Prince lay to your charge thine own tongue? ”It is finished? As you Lord Highness hath said to thine own disciples, O ye of little faith, be still and know I am ELOHIM! All you’re to do Lord Urusalim is rebuff him, this insidious bargain and in its stead come to me, lay one hand on her and it will be your last, you dare ancient evil at threatening me, make that us, Lord Michael!" "But how? Betrayers in my midst that’s how, never you mine Lord Urusalim, come with me and sit as queen over them all. I can’t come with you," as one backing away horribly into that denial that Lord Michael, Izidkiel, Raphael, Uriel, as so their host is to instead retrieve her. "I don’t love you, thus I can’t trust you, come with me Lord Urusalim and I will spare the earthers, you already his highest know he’s with continual exertion to destroy them by the multitude, hence remember Lord Urusalim death is the reality. Thus says the Lord of Host, you Helel, were the signet of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty, you were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone was your covering, carnelian, chrysolite, and moonstone, beryl, onyx, and jasper, sapphire, turquoise, and emerald; and worked in gold were your settings and your engravings yet you perish from them all. As wise as she is stunning, what an award of course, though Lord Michael is right," drawing ever so close to them that he’s to virtually, foolishly take her Highness against her will "death is the reality, then we fight, fight Lord for one whose heart and confessions are against you in every way?" "Legion! Koshchei!, Seize her!"

Maaseiah XVIII

…For The Lord God Giveth Them Light …

-"What did you tell the earthers?" Had a loud cry unlike anything even Gabriel is to denote concerningly just radiate itself across heaven, earth and even the regions of hell, would said cry uproot and bring to Satan’s fading seat every fallen angel and demonic entity in his marshal. "You know what I told them?" With nothing but two glistening lights cutting through the darkness all around Him, his this divine one’s eyes. "I told them the great wrath of the Supremes’ Day is come and who evil one shall be able to stand? You lie, these are all Lies!" Angrily crashing a huge container to the floor at radiating a loud, dulling noise all around, had things, ancient plans so purpose faded into oblivion, "nothing but lies. What is happen? I assume the tradeoff didn’t go as suspected? Tell me the truth delighted one or I’ll pluck your wings one by one, that black warden would take an eternity and you don’t have that manner of time. Yes," as one laying a single finger for thinking to his chin, could Gabriel not believe he was going alone with these ridiculous events, but all for the fulfillment of prophecy. "Seeing you’re to have one wing per angelic host, regard-less, Lord Urusalim is the concluding factor of the Supremes Kingdom, both a lineage of the anointed and mankind. Yes Hallow One and I’m but a member of His royal palaces, it is ill-advised to think Prince Israel is to trade me for Her, perhaps this is why He has loosed them. Them my immoral custodian? Them, the four bond angels, the Prathes, Asia, the Armenian mountains, "ahhhhh," developing a manner of mal-contempt on his own, a spinal cord shivery but was this news concerning for him as well, that even as every revelation sicken him to death, his intended reign falter mightily. "That is to mean Lord Darkness, Apollyon will no doubt follow, then there’s to be nothing for you to rule but a greater formation of ruin, chaos and eventually a black void. Not your spirited, winged one if I take heaven’s throne, having Lord Urusalim at my side there is no other reality, don’t you this profane warden mean fantasy, I mean who is your consultant and to what magnitude is his intellect impaired so? You laugh now mightily winged one but one day the whole of heaven will view me from the bottom of darkness as even as you, I am Gabriel, heavens man, I’ve been at this with you Lucifer for as long as His Highness is Ancient, hear thine brother so forsaken by you and yours when I tell you, only His Ancient will has and will continually be done, you know this and yet you still persist, you Lucifer Once so mighty and true, know this. I know nothing, and you are released for all days, years and ancient to come, I have no further use of you, so now Lucifer I’m thine enemy because I tell you the truth, your truth Ga-bre-el, your truth, now be off with you, be off with you forever!” <<<"No Lord I strongly disagree" having come in on many conversing, even the Ancient Throne, the Twenty-Four Elders, “one, he won’t harm Lord Gabriel, two he can’t kill him, nor hold him prison against his will, thus and so, three he know Lord Urusalim will not be traded for him. This my Anointed Cherub isn’t at all as it appear, no it would seem my Lord Holiest it’s with purpose that Lord Gabriel most of all is to be taken out of the way. Lord Michael," as one showing a sign of relieving himself at coming in on the most astonishing debate of all eternity, as all eternity was involved. "I’m pleased you’re to join us, and of course Lord Israel you’re right, but only partially, this mounting treason is to diminish Gabriel’s surcharge but isn’t it Lord Michael, Holy Cherub, testament with purpose at distracting us from more developed plans than these? If my Lord He’s to rule these heavens as he’s persuaded for the ancient then he will no doubt stop at nothing, and my graces I mean nothing that Lord Urusalim rule even at his right hand. So," with such highlights springing the Supremes’ Christ abruptly to his feet, as one visibly uprooted by this inclusion, these projected yet perverse revelations were this divinely extrusive. "Then the war that is to end all wars is upon even the third places of heavens, you Dominion as the intact allocation of these heavens have your orders follow them well and be release accordingly, as you will Lord Highness. "So," setting a clear inquiry Michael’s way had the heavens of all things that is, was and yet to come back brought back to its most trying times but without corruption’s prevail. "Who can’t I trust? You’re right Lord Anointed One if you’re to think they’re to come for her, come Lord in a way and by a way we’re not to expect, even through or by a host of this holy mountain. But that would mean the possibility would be undetectable seeing said host is innumerable, believe me Lord Michael when I’m to say it is one of us and we’re to put the immeasurable contributions of these consecrated antechambers to work if we’re to discover the identity of this scandalous interruption. <<<"Speak to me," as one knocking on Gabriel’s penitentiary at bringing his attention again his way, at inquiring of his earthbound mission still, “are you ready great one at speaking the truth, and what truth lowest one, bottom feeder would that be? The Earthers, what did you tell them? First you set me free, then you bring me again into this dark waste of time, where I not only see, but can smell your defeat so mightily, if you must know I informed them how it is the fulfillment of all things is upon them, thus and so whosoever shall call upon the Supremes’ Christ shall be saved. What?" Dramatically displaying his disapproval did this news above all immensely disrupt him, even his varied plans. "That would mean Black of the day no more churches, no more congregations or denominations and so on, no more preachers preaching, hitherto no more ways darkest corner by which you’ve slain a myriad. So that’s their new hope? I’ve sensed the very stench of it in my nostrils and thus upon my readied tongue, but that is ok, every one of them that’s to cry Lord remember me will do so screaming from an agonizing abyss. By now Lord Lucifer the host of heaven would have realized the reason by which you’re to keep me are fallacious at best, making said speciousness your permanent death trap. Ah I’m dead your most honored but so is all things that’s to stand in my way, then loose me and lay down quietly black of the evening sky, loose me and lay down quietly."

Maaseiah XIX

…And They Shall Reign Forever and Ever…
Scene XIX

-"Why art thou cast down O my Lord and why art thou disquieted in me?" "My Lord," anxiously displayed as one disappeared, indeed as dissipated as ever, was Lord Urusalim discovering her Lord Prince against his will most of all, his being this overwhelmed. "You shouldn’t be here, and most of all we shouldn’t be together, as it’s to present such the opportunity for Helel. "You are the Christ, the Savior of the world, yes and they hate me," discovering him a performance of Christian Cross above all others, plainly there were times this Lord of Lord was to remind her of all the men she’s to love, but especially of all those claiming to love her. There was Nicholas Edin, the most dominant, controlling, then there was Michael Day, howbeit Cullen Veneer, the most determined, protective. As so was there Christian Cross, the most spiritual, wise, as so Sioux Noel, possibly beside Christian Cros, the most compassionate, intimate human being to ever walk the earth. "It is why Lord I didn’t want to be disturbed, I’m good for no one, for nothing when I’m this way,” as one moving into a window overlooking the beginning of a spiraling, golden staircase, a diamond crystal Dove where many of the redeemed conversed, took of plenteously, happily, around the tree of life, “ but my lord this is different, we’re one now, as in identical, prick you, after Lord Urusalim all that’s been done, all that’s been sacrificed and suffered, the heathen fuming with insolence so will yet build an army of millions in complete retaliation against me, but they don’t know you my lord, and those Lord Urusalim who know me and despise me still? Those same people Lord upon which light hath come but they’ve chosen darkness instead, you can’t help this, you must know that. This was the Ancient’s most genius plan of all, that after a proposed redemption by His Own Son, your Prince Lord unthinkable sacrifice He’s not to condemn man but give him the power of his free will and let him instead choose his own condemnation, even out of his own mouth. Though you’ve tried with all that is heart and blood within, you can’t save them all, they’ve chosen a dark sentence, some of them my Lord happily. I know, of course Maaseiah, I know, it’s what hurt most of all, I agree, though it shouldn’t hurt, they’ve made their choice as surely as you did that night in the garden, as surely as I did Lord although I was made so angry at times, how I was being punished for loving the Supreme, for loving His People. I know," as to welcome her, the genuine-ness and authenticity of her along a seat close to him, close to his resting hand, even his at relaxed heart. "I remember those days, seeing you like that, feeling you always tore my heart out completely, laying it slain right at the Supreme’s very own feet. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb my lord is upon us, those by a myriad who’re to serve you the more will be there, they cannot, they shouldn’t my Lord experience their own Blessed Hope so vanquished. Surely thine lord is the kingdom, the glory and the honor forever, it is there my Lord you should feel more like that young shepherd boy, David. That one who in witnessing the opposing Philistine did a wrath come across his face, a derision, that this uncircumcised brute would defile the Holiness of the Lord God. How, how my Lord Urusalim do you do it, how do you always discover the most fitting ensample? I think my Lord He’s called Holy, and lest I forget, Spirit, and even in these mansions of profound description He’s yet our Comforter, Wisdom Maker and Friend.” <<<"It is time lord Prince, Lord Ancient Himself summons you, very good Holy Cherub, I’m with you posthaste, you will not Lord Urusalim be far away? Never my Lord, like heavens host, we’re always with thee, to deliver thee." <<<"Yes our Lord His Highness, you’ve called me forth, end it, ban all of Helel’s contacts against these walls, you do Lord Supreme perceive his fierce counter-strike that will mostly be directed toward the Kingdoms of men, that flesh, blood? It cannot Lord Prince be helped, the Marriage supper hath come, these bickering must cease, these wars in heavens subsided and Helel black of the morning must be cast down to earth and eventually under the earth like never, ever before. In other words those who serve him, await him and his participation, what My Lord Creator a sad day for mankind, I mean they’ve had many a sad day but none liken unto this one, yes my son Lord, they’ve chosen, but they’ve chosen unwisely." "Why Lord Prince do the heathen rage? And the people imagine a vain thing as this? Because my Lord Ancient they’ve forsaken the Love of the truth that is shed abroad by He who’s Christ Lord, they cry aloud continuously the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth. Their Kings of the earth set themselves, and rulers take counsel together against this Lord and against His Anointed, saying let us break their bands and cast their cords away from us. Although will I laugh, I will have them in derision and mock them when they call. Then shall I speak unto them in my wrath, and vex them in my sore displeasure, because Lord Ancient through it all you’ve set your King upon your Holy Hill of Zion. You will declare the decree, the Lord hath said unto him, thou art my son, this day have I begotten thee. Ask of me Son," bringing the Supreme Creator to his feet, which was very seldom, how even the entire universe would be moved out of their assigned places "and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou my son shall break them with a rod of iron, thou shall break them in pieces like a potter’s vessel. Be wise now therefore all ye kings," turning again into that display of the kingdoms of men gathering themselves together in hordes of military might and fierce combat "be instructed you judges of the earth, serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Yes Lord Ancient," as one joining him right at his side was this Lion of Judah a far different defeat than He’d been earlier, much more alert, on target "kiss the son lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when His wrath is kindled but a little, yes Lord Prince blessed are all they that put their trust in this Lord Ancient Of Days."

Maaseiah XX

…And Said Unto Me These Sayings Are Faithful And True…
Scene XX

-"I remember Maaseiah when you called your Nicholas Coogan out of the blue one day and asked him what was it about you, his wife he thought was so special? I remember his not really knowing how to answer that question, how he didn’t know only days earlier you’d come to the conclusion a man in love was the most beautiful human being on the planet, as so humble and worthwhile. They were also Lord the most misunderstood and thus unappreciated, yes, man is one whose charities were as hollow, as vacant Lord Urusalim as they were plentiful. There’s Lord Eli much research after you, after your ambiguous situation, even the fear that you’d gone after Lord Gabriel thyself. I remember Maasseiah how that inquiry of him frighten him, made him think you’d lost both faith and face, I did Maaseiah miss him you know, he’s a brother, a director and mostly a comrade, but I didn’t dishonor him nor these heavens by ruining an esteemed audition as this, Helel simply left his bonds loose that he’s free to escape. It won’t be long now Lord Urusalim," leading her into a display below of the entirety of mankind’s earth, how there wasn’t a thing that was to happen to them that wasn’t perceived in the heavens first of all. “Every ounce of their fulfillment is going exactly as was prophesied for the ancients, yes," as one coming adorably into his side at quoting a long distant yet so nigh word of knowledge “and I shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light and thy judgment," (prophecies) as the noon day. Ah yes, the death rider prophecy, there was Maaseiah so much to tell them, to show them and so few listeners, I think I did it my Lord, I think I traded one work location for another. No, this very night Lord Urusalim all such the like labors end and there is nothing more but the Millennium Reign, and after these things I heard a great voice of much people in heaven, saying alleluia, Salvation and glory, and honor, and power, unto the Lord Eli, for true and righteous are his Judgments. For he hath judged the great whore, which did corrupt the earth with her fornication and hath avenged the blood of his servants at her hand, and again thy said Alleluia and her smoke rose up forever and ever. I’ve seen them Maaseiah, I’ve seen them surely as Lord Ezekiel, as Lord Beloved, seeing them cause to rise in my very substance an unutterable pleasure. A gratification I guess and anticipation inexpressible even now, ---and they’re all here my Lord for you, because they found you and treasured that they, what is that?" With eyes and ears of concern set all around, was their like this flesh shattering siren blaring aloud, sparing not, to say it alarmed her, it truly blew her away, that it was possibly Helel’s meddling all over. "Don’t be alarmed, the Olive Branches return, unto the Wine Press, the nearer we are to the battle, and all fulfillment, truly, continuously there is mammoth celebration, come, the rehearsals and trials are a wonderment Lord Maaseiah all their on, please, Lord, come."

Maaseiah XXI

…Behold, I Come Quickly…
Scene XXI

-"Aren’t they amazing, I still Lord Izidkel can’t believe I’m actually here, I lay asleep at night just knowing I’m to awaken and it was all this phantasm indescribable. He haven’t given up have he?” That to look down upon the earth from these high places, was to look upon, into various manners of panoramas displaying the hardest times since Noah’s earth performing themselves on planet earth. “As we speak he’s dismantling the holy people, actually My Lord, all people, especially those bearing the Christ’s testimonial, as so these are all things Lord Urusalim which must surely come to pass but the end is yet at the Ancient’s hand, which is why the abyss summons you. The abyss, as in the bottomless pit? It is time for Apollyon and his armies, will these heavens at this time destroy the whole house of Israel? Come Lord True and see, you are bidden accordingly surely you must come, and what of our Prince Lord? He prepares surely Lord Urusalim you must perceive that, yes One most True and I with Him just as soon, the key, the fathomed gorge all unto the earth and territories of mankind for Lord Urusalim the great day of His wrath’s reign is upon them and who shall be able to stand? This way Lords," as one spinning them swiftly and straightly along this industrious tunnel with endowment and prospective at getting them to appointments so ancient with divine finalization. “Where are we? We are here Lord Urusalim, between there, I’m afraid my Prince I don’t understand,” with what could only be explained or described as the universe, perhaps even its missing link, all around and even through every fiber of them, truly no human being or being of flesh could withstand such the apparition, did Lord Urusalim Herself feel a bit intimidated. “Between Lord Urusalim the world of man and the third of Paradise, it is Lord Prince so dissolving, even consuming, can I, even I, withstand it all? As surely precious one as I, soon many others will come to join us, to celebrate the marriage of the Christ and that fashioned of His own pure blood, the bride, there we will all be joined together as one forever. Although at the same time Lord Urusalim the earthers are massing an army,” that at the wave of his hand could she easily see as a panorama before her eyes the great armies and mass armaments of the earth and mankind, “they’re all gathering at the valley of Megiddo where many earthers will die, yes, but many Prince Christ will be made alive. Yes, this is of a certainty true, but regardless of how miserable this tainted son is to make all of their lives, they don’t want me. Yes pure one they do, those who’ve taken stony hearts and pound them into hearts of flesh and divine reconciliation, don’t you hear them crying aloud, sparing not, “blessed is he who cometh in the name of the Supreme God, blessed and welcome is He? And I looked and behold a Lamb stood on mount Sion, and with him a hundred and forty four thousand, having his father’s name written in their foreheads. And I heard a voice from heaven, like the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps. And they sang as it was a new song before the throne and before the four Living Creatures and the Elders and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth. Praise Ye the Lord, sing unto the lord a new song, and his praise in the congregation of Saints, Praise Ye The Lord.’ It is literally inconceivable Lord, how you’re here with me, how by the multitudes you, Lord of perpetual adoration is now here with me where I’m now bound to never, ever let you go. They’re all here my Lord, all? Yes, sweet Prince, all as you wish, come and let us reconcile together, though their sins were as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. You have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over great things, enter ye into the glory of the lord,” seeing the ancient one anoint the Olive branches so, did it all remind an attending Lord Uruslam of the day Lord Ezekiel most gracious open to her those three time tested doors. That at this one instance, did she see this illumination like the sunshine in all of its strength become as a hand for to touch the very temple of the multitude going before His throne, that they were to be acquainted with both HIS grievous and sorrows, Maaseiah always presumed it was like the Christ Lord unto the disciples declaring, people wouldn’t know them as His Disciples except they showed love (sacrifice) one for the other.