Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah XVII

…Neither Light Of The Sun…
Scene XVII

"To what do I owe this privilege?" Displaying herself as one on guard was her guardian Izidkiel most proficient for days now nowhere to be noted. "Who are you? I’m A’albiel,” as one bowing to her to display obeisance although was Lord Urusalim somewhat disturbed by his, their suspicious visitation. "Even Damien, and Syene, you are Lord Urusalim and we’re the ones seeing you to your next designation so passed due. And what Lord A’albiel would such the like itinerary be, even where is Lord Izidkiel, my most trusted companion? You wouldn’t Lord Urusalim be stalling for time?" As those grabbing her as to handle her roughly, as to bring her against her will, against the will of all heaven, earth and beneath. "You are black," with purpose at wrestling herself free was it apparent even in these high places on high did they mean her primarily evil. "Cold and as black as any narrative, as black cherished one as you are light," again bringing her along a quiet place could Lord Urusalim see in the distance the tower above staircase leading to his highest throne at knowing those most omniscient would fathom this treason, thus she bore patience that her Knight Lord being mighty in war most victorious would surely rescue her. "Why do you let him persuade you this way? Punished for all eternity doesn’t that mean anything? Not desired one as long as I deliver you to him," holding her mouth at curving them down, away, down into a hideaway from researchers could Lord Urusalim not comprehend how they’d gotten to this point with her. "Then black lords if I am as important as you say why is this infraction so effortless?" "I’m A’albiel," again as those etching them along this without exertion infraction so cautiously would they not lay hold to her wisdom most glorious. "I’m Lord Urusalim a little Michael, if you will be so kind as to follow us and just as trusting. Lord A’albiel, Lord Urusalim is trying to inform you you’re on your way to a spirituous union of the host of Helel’s making, there you and he will reign as an entire. I perceive one who is a long way from his assignment wouldn’t you say Damien?” Having as Lord Urusalem suspected pinpointed their useless seizure of this most exalted one, was it all by heaven host being brought to a dramatic conclusion. “I’ve come too far Dazzling one not even you can prevent me, you will A’albiel liberate her and you will liberate her now! Me and my host Lord Michael doesn’t think so,” was an alerted Michael constrain by the presence of a myriad of those fallen and following but did he have at his disposal the Holiest of Holy by an even greater, incalculable number. "You can’t have her, you know A’albiel you can’t, thus your abrupt haste is unto what purpose? Lord Ancient, you must know I’m to go to her, this is their fight Lord Israel, not yours, I fear they cannot defeat this ancient evil and his horde. Defeat them, need I Sweet Prince lay to your charge thine own tongue? ”It is finished? As you Lord Highness hath said to thine own disciples, O ye of little faith, be still and know I am ELOHIM! All you’re to do Lord Urusalim is rebuff him, this insidious bargain and in its stead come to me, lay one hand on her and it will be your last, you dare ancient evil at threatening me, make that us, Lord Michael!" "But how? Betrayers in my midst that’s how, never you mine Lord Urusalim, come with me and sit as queen over them all. I can’t come with you," as one backing away horribly into that denial that Lord Michael, Izidkiel, Raphael, Uriel, as so their host is to instead retrieve her. "I don’t love you, thus I can’t trust you, come with me Lord Urusalim and I will spare the earthers, you already his highest know he’s with continual exertion to destroy them by the multitude, hence remember Lord Urusalim death is the reality. Thus says the Lord of Host, you Helel, were the signet of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty, you were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone was your covering, carnelian, chrysolite, and moonstone, beryl, onyx, and jasper, sapphire, turquoise, and emerald; and worked in gold were your settings and your engravings yet you perish from them all. As wise as she is stunning, what an award of course, though Lord Michael is right," drawing ever so close to them that he’s to virtually, foolishly take her Highness against her will "death is the reality, then we fight, fight Lord for one whose heart and confessions are against you in every way?" "Legion! Koshchei!, Seize her!"

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