Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah V

…And On Either Sides Of The River…
Scene V

-"Be careful Lord lest they take your heart," having open one door in particular to her could Maaseiah see at the first nothing but a light, a light like the sunshine in all of its strength and a voice. A commission,” be ye washed, be ye cleansed, be ye washed, be ye cleansed," then she’s to see that hands went before this immensely lit throne of His most high. The hands and bodies of a multitude that could not be numbered for to be washed, for to be cleansed and this door was close for its light was blinding. <<<"He’s here, what is it Lord Uriel he’s to want now? What Raphael he’s always wanted, the Supremes’ throne, well he can’t have that now can he? He knows doesn’t he, he know she’s here? I don’t think he know, that he simply suspect, a suspicion Lord Raphael reminding him his time hath come. War is come to these heavens again, a war unlike any that is come, yes, to cast this evil one from his places of the high, he and his wicked princes, what Uriel a glorious day for these heavens although what a dark, dark day for the inhabitants of the earth." Having open to her a second door could she again see nothing but a great light, a countless luminosity that had become as a hand, a divine surgeon that was to reach into the chest of the multitude, taking he was their heart of stone, behold this hand bore their old heart while at the same time he was to give unto them a new heart. A heart of flesh and love unconditional when this door also was close for its light was blinding. “You are here why? Because your pure one of my ability to bruise your heel what else? What is it now my father work Lucifer hitherto as so do I. Testy, testy, one would think you’re trying to hide something hide, why would I try to hide anything from you? You’re dead, you’re a one thousand year imprisonment and after that judgment and hell, she is here isn’t she, you’ve taken her from right under my nose? The husband she has forsaken is frail but not anymore, I wonder why? What are you saying, that he has been visited upon by an angel perhaps, or something even more, grand, the pure ones glorified Maaseiah. I congratulate you, you have made her living on earth a manner of a first hell, torture, torment, but no longer. So she is here? Your time great evil is up, Lord Sealtiel will no doubt escort you out.” Opening to her a third and final door was Maaseiah to see this Magnificent Radiance had become as a mouth and was to speak great and swelling words to the multitude. Behold Maaseiah could not tell all that this mouth spoke but what she did remember hearing Him say was His instruction that they were to be well-acquainted with His grieves and His sorrows. Although she was to see more of a strange thing, how this great light became a hand again for to reach and touch indescribably the very temple of this multitude’s head. Upon which he did a form of anointing unfounded, immeasurable and incalculable which was to pour upon them. As so into them and they all left the throne of this Ancient One Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers, as the end-time harvest, as so the labors of the world hath come. “You and your Pure Lord Sealtiel will not get away with this, I know she is here. What you know blackness of the morning is your time of deletion hath arrived, this is not over, not by your most cherished dreams! Yeah I’ll tell Abaddon you said hello next tell I feed him, you best Hizkiel feed this Maaseiah to him or these high territories have a debt unaffordable to pay. The cross you mean, the Sacrificial Lamb no doubt, the ascension at leading all captivity captured, including you? How soon cursed one is all forgotten, indeed how clever."

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