Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah XXIII

…He That Is Unjust…

-“I had a dream last night, the first I’ve had since we’ve been in these heavens, he, Lord Prince of Peace, he was being made ready to come into the world, into the conflict, unto the ancient Mother’s rescue. Is that Lord Jibril (Gabriel), possible, to have dreams here, in the places of the Supremes Throne? They’re Lord Urusalem fashioned here first, so of a certainty it is all the more possible. It is to be unimaginable, this final war, battlefield of man’s outlandish heathenry will it not? It will Lord Urusalem most certainly, all the more ringing in the reality how mankind wrestle not against flesh and blood, put ye on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to STAND! You know most of all Lord Jibril my most greatest regret, the Great White Throne Judgment, we will all stand as witnesses and how tremendously weighty that is to be, yes? Yes Lord True, but as necessary as the witness and vast weight of the Son Of David bleeding, aching heartily and mourning over the betrayal of his people of him. As it is written High Lord, it is that which must come to pass for length of days, Holiness of the Lords they will not have. O taste and see that Sweet, Sweet David is good, blessed is the man that trusts in him, the Lord redeems the soul of His servants; and none of them Jibril who trust in him shall be desolate. He is ready,” with a sparkling light invoking unspeakable gladness all over and through this High Princess, so over wrought with joy, did she with Lord Jibril who’d kept her company witness the Lord Prince heading in their directive. “I have missed you these long, unending hours, yes, I’ve come to bring you to a place, Lord Jibril I’m most grateful, as so Sweet David, am I, are we all. I saw you, ah, witness the Celestial Ones put you in order for that greatest day of return, of confrontation and restoration for all who will come, and what pray, tell did you Lord Urusalem in detail see? No, no, please Lord have mercy, what I saw was indescribably without words, no, you dare say no to this Lion Of Judah? Just you say no to His Ancient of Days, have mercy sweet one and not sacrifice I pray, now where are you taking me? Come now and let us reason together, though your sins be scarlet, they shall be white as snow, what is it?” Seeing she’s to release his hand abruptly, even concurringly, what indeed was it now that had Lord Urusalem so stirred this most crucial hour to ever come? “Your heart Lord Prince, it just spoke, and if even one can tell what did it announce? Lord Ancient, speaking through Lord Isaiah, though your sins be scarlet, yes, yes, Lord Urusalem, yet they shall be white as snow, though they be like crimson, they shall be as wool, Isa. 1:18. Now Lord Holy and True with said announcement we’re unto the Houses of Lords Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. What is this?” As one beginning to feel the tingle of nearing emotions in her nose, as so just the slightest sparkle in her eyes, the only things Maaseiah, now dubbed Lord Urusalem had seen just as overwhelming as this and more, was that gigantic enough to block out the entire sky above, diamond carved crystal Dove who’d kissed her and straightway seeming to abandon her. “Ah my Lord is most gracious, this all remind me, you remember Lord Urusalem when our beloved John gave testament, even Revelation of the City Jerusalem made new, and as one adorn unto a bridal ceremony? Yes, yes one cannot forget that, then it is time Lord Urusalem, time, I’m sorry gracious one, time for, are you telling me what I think you’re telling me? I will see you just as soon,” as one hurrying a most reluctant Lord Urusalem into a chamber more astonishing than words could ever describe, diamonds, and crystal and gold all around and through. Just this wilderness of awesomeness even under her feet and creatures, celestial creatures just as golden, crystalized coming with great inspiration after her, how soon my Lord? Be still treasured one and know that I am God.” <<<”That wasn’t so hard, Lord A’albiel!” As one leaning weightlessly, as this sacrifice had truly depleted him did Lord David literally fall into Lord A’albiel awaiting arms, “it is Lord Timeless to be best, is it not? Yes, best for all, you will sit here, your strength will return just as suddenly, it is amazing Lord Timeless, that it has come to this finally. His ancient was kind enough to allow the viewing of the earthers, they’re getting along to the final edges of the battle, very soon there will be our interference yes? My Lord, thinketh deep with disquiet spirit, the New, the Millennium, how glorious and yet how inglorious, yes, but the people’s chose God’s reign, some people Lord A’albiel, some people, do not think your Lord distant minded. Ah no Lord Timeless, as one who is Omniscient, but just as many flee these great trials with their souls intact, let us remember as well, it is my flesh, it is my blood spill on human soil so, how dare Lord A’albiel I forget. I’m still glorious one with attempt at knowing how one who betrayed Lord Urusalem to Helel’s keep is at present here Lord Groom’s man, surely Lord Timeless, at present that is of little concern is it not, though if said betrayal wasn’t of your making, of thine pure heart but to Helel’s detriment. My strength Lord A’albiel O promised one returns, I will see His Ancient, there is much still we’re to comprehend, to if you will good servant puzzle out, or is that not a suitable word of description? I will again regain the Lord’s trust and return thine own Urusalem just as soon, yes Lord A’abiel most gracious, there is such heartiness regarding her, this special, special heart and soul therapy, thus I pray thine own haste.”

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