Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah XIII

…And They Shall See His Face…
Scene XIII

-"You were completely different, yes, you Lord Urusalim truly admired him, and you didn’t, he’s to make me feel my most vulnerable. Especially when I’m around, well, my most human, I don’t know what to do with such, you know, just, with such eagerness even in my blood. I hesitated I know," as to be unaware of his alluring advances how would she ever bear it, bear him, not just the royal but the romantic marriage they were to have, together, forever. "I hesitated, I didn’t hesitate for lack of, of," again witness upon as one making that approach all the more personal, having taken her soft, smooth hand into his own did she once again merge into. As upon one and not only encounter but did she unexpectedly convert into the unprecedented, imperceptible marvel not only he was but the entirety of those astonishing heavens. "You are touching me my Lord and I can’t hardly bare it, I’m not touching you, I’m marrying you, this is our inescapable chapel of matrimony, but this can’t, be, be happening can it? It’s not pos, possible," with an irresistible seduction as he, even an advancing, wholly contagious reduction inhaled of her every breath, exposed and passionately conversant of each taken into custody filament of being. Every vigilant materiality, were they one, unexplainably were they a single entity and as solitary as any two abiding forces of inexhaustible dynamism could indeed be. That it was here in the most liquefying concatenation of her continuation did a mounting, blaring aloud from every fiber of creation Lord Urusalim know why the masses where invited to a wedding supper alone. “I can’t take, you’re, you’re, I’m , I’m,” as one jerking away from a stinging sentiment along her artist cheeks, nose, even those designing her stout neck, was Lord Urusalim as one unable at believing her own electrified, literally trounce with wonderment heart, even if she’s to at this point have a heart. “Have mercy please my lord, please have, I don’t want to, I want to dissipate you away entirely into this one heartbeat, breath and reality away where alone we‘re this incalculable reunion.“ As one feeling his warm confession in her ear, his rapid heartbeat in her throat, his intensified blood flow exhilarating every fiber, if they’re to have bodies. As so every ounce of skin, if she’s to have skin at this point of divine imperilment, imperiling her so. “You are my Maaseiah, even Lord Urusalim, mine immortal factuality, actuality, come, come Lord where?” For this, this domineering execution of spirit and steeping fluids of this lifespan, if she’s to yet be of fleshly tissue and life altering fluctuations, was nothing less than and that yet far surpassing a marriage bed. “Ask not my Lord, just follow me, there is much still, and the one place in particular you must experience, take my charge dear one and come.” <<<"No black ancient, you’re beyond insanity if you think you’re to keep me prison here, that the root of David would remotely trade me for Lord Urusalim, clearly your contorting and consorting with corrupt spirits has gravely imperiled your comprehension. I will have Lord Urusalim you will see it, the entire heaven you will see it, you’re slaughtering her children even as we speak, those desolate and forsaken Lord Gabriel not by me but by the one you call Lord of us all. Let me lose from these bars, let me return to my post, and perhaps the Lord anointed will have mercy and not sacrifice, not until Lord Gabriel you’re to tell me how it is I’m to lay hold to Lord Urusalim. how I’m to take that they’re to treasure the most right from under their meddling noses. You inquire of me dark lord as though you think I will betray Him, you think I prefer my continuation over His Own? By Him alone dark prince you are no more, you’re a distant memory, now let me lose from these bonds! ” clearly as one yanking and pulling at the bars noting his captives departing, was Lord Gabriel screaming into the margin of light coming in from above at not being as alarmed as Lucifer’s doom dawn more and more but was it more for show. “I’m afraid Lord Gabriel, you will be in that hole until your Lord Supreme make a decision, ---ah he’s to make a decision alright, only if it’s to be of your liking, lord of the fallen, ---you let me out, let me out, you hear me?" <<<"So Hakeim what is the dark ones answer, he will not Lord Supreme release him, not until Lord Urusalim is placed in his hand, ---loose the four angels bond in the great river Euphrates. My Lord? LOOSE THEM! They will be a great deterrent to his efforts, summon Hanariel, Anael, Hizkiel, and Idrael all to me, as you will my Lord. Where is Lord Michael? We do not know Highest One, first Lord Gabriel, now Lord Michael, then I will see A’albiel, as you desire my Lord Ancient, as you Great One desire."

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