Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah II

Scene II

-“Stay with her always, as you wish my lord, she will my Lord no doubt have more questions, as long Lord Raphael as we’re to answer them honestly though cautiously. Our Master Lord Uriel hath waited forever it seem for this day now his bride like him abideth forever. What glory Raphael, how grand, finally death will be destroyed and those who’ve been faithful to these heavens will as Kings and Queens reign with us. What Uriel about the dungeons of the damn, you know how our Lord feel about them, even his Maaseiah? Now that realism Raphael the ancient of days alone is to have in his hand, I myself have been completely beside myself Lord Raphael with what all of this is to mean. How heaven and earth, New Urusalim will soon as always envisioned by these heavens reign as one, ah the blood Lord Uriel which has been spilled, the cup which hath been consumed, the flesh, so much flesh, so much anguish and toil, now nothing but this punctual culmination to it all. So it is true, she’s here? Yes, with a gladness unspeakable Lord Sariel I’m anxious to say she is, you’re faithfully telling me Lord Maaseiah is right beyond those doors? Yes, right beyond these gleaming with gratitude and suspense doors, of course Lord Raphael you’re being summoned to there, which is why I’m here. Something urgent or simply routine? Something I fear Lords very, extremely particular, His Ancient is talking in those puzzles again, I best go as no time has been as anxious as these times. I’m yet Lord Uriel beside myself that right beyond these doors is a divine fulfillment that’s been pending for the ancient. You know what this mean right? Soon, very soon, the seventh angel will sound, all prophecy will be realized and the kingdoms of mankind will become the kingdoms of the Ancient Of Days and He, that’s we Sariel and the Lamb shall reign forever. Why art thou cast down O my soul and why art thou so disquieten, hope thou in the fulfillment? I never got over the fall, never stopped missing my brothers, of course Sariel that admission isn’t to abash you so, neither of us ever came to restful terms with such events. Although does the Master Lord and Ancient Father need us to be our most faithful, that’s Sariel, our most true.”

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