Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah VII

…Which Bear Twelve Manners Of Fruits…
Scene VII

-"You think Maaseiah I didn’t want to come running immediately to you every time you went into a heinous above description trial with my name on your lips? I know, it was almost as though you had to hate those who treasured you so they instead would love, and treasure your people. I realize this the very day I realized my life on earth was as horrible as my work was phenomena, I’m to say I’m sorry Maaseiah but how is that to even suffice? I think people realize the promises made the brethren prophets of old, as so mine own brother apostles but I think Maaseiah man is to forget promises of the Supreme were made to me as well. How everyday there was no manifestation I too was made ill in my very spirit. I guess Maaseiah what I’m to say is this wait has been both long and suffering, I hear you Lord but where are you taking me? There’s something at the gates of the city I’m to show you, what it’s to be I’m afraid neither of us are to know until once we’re there. So how did you do it, endure this everlasting continuation? I heard you that day Maaseiah when you’re to tell your husband how it is you want to be in the presence of music so anointed the Supreme Father Himself would want to come and abide in your house with you. That evenly melodies so spirited that the Heavenly Host would desire at riding along as a passenger with you. I remember how this revelation reminded you of yet another memory, yes, a baby Gabriel that was to ride in the car with us, I never understood it. A baby of course Maaseiah mean a form, a type of the original, how a genus of the angelic host with likeness of heaven’s man Lord Gabriel stayed always with you. I Maaseiah read your thoughts just then as we’re becoming one mind, that if this was so why didn’t he prevent some of the horrors you’re to endure. My god," as to see a bright, beyond description celebration, a form of divine Jubilee unto an unrealizable gathering, of an unrealizable host of heaven "what is happening? The day of your original heritage, you’re to be welcome back to it and them for eternity, just imagine Maaseiah if those heinous trials of yours are then magnified gloriously by heaven a million times their insufferable weight, what measure could it then mete? It would be measure-less, the reward would then my Lord be boundless, incalculable, then my beloved, welcome to the illimitable, from this day forward, you will not only be known as my bride. Nor as the Lamb’s wife but you will go forward unto Him, unto Him Maaseiah as He will dub thee for all the ancients yet to come as that City that is to sit for all eternity upon that hill, Urusalim, (Jerusalem, City of peace), go and remember I’m with you always. You’re not to come with,” as one supposedly turning into this glorious one for ions and ions but He’d disappeared or dissipated away entirely, which was beginning to be the norm all around and about the Kingdom Of Heaven. "You will Lord Urusalim trust me instead? And you are?" Witnessed upon as one wrapping a fold of her arm along his were these events already beyond any description, "I’m thine own host for this evening, Raguel, there’s much we’re to do still, ---o please great one, come."

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