Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah XII

…And His Servant Shall Serve Him…
Scene XII

-“What is happen? The Dark one my Lord Michael wasn’t only here, but had trapped Lord Raguel and Lord Urusalim accordingly, what do you mean trapped? He had them hostage," as one pointing into a map of the Supremes throne a literally immeasurable circumference of occupied and unoccupied mansions, how it was easy for this dark prince once a residence to breach it all. "Between the plight of stairs there and the crystal stream south, the Twelve? Brought up to here only last night, the African Juttah as well my Lord, they are right now realizing the Septennial itself is happen to them. Although Lord Raguel a great war has begun against another, many are dead, as so many scattered, which is why you’re readied unto her cities? How long will he entreat her? Until said temptation Lord is denied by her, temptation my Lord, is that what this is about? Why don’t he ever give up, what is it he really want? He Lord Raguel want what our Lord Prince of Ages is to want, Samuiel want to make Maaseiah his wife, his what?" Visibly astonishing him, as so from that center of arrangement up-rooting him, at literally being ready to go down, fight at Jacob’s side. "What did you say? Is it so hard to realize my Lord Raguel? He’s always wanted whatever the Lord His Holy is to claim, don’t worry, she will not fail Prince of the Ages. I don’t know about that Lord Michael, she is yet so discontented, ---our Prince, we did not know you were there, ---don’t alarm yourselves, I really enjoy your various debates. Anyway let’s get this done," sitting with a straight back, neck as to be groomed for a long, anticipated wedding had time come finally for the marriage supper of the Lamb, to its pending one thousand year earthbound reign. "Where is everybody, even Lord Gabriel? Gabriel my Lords was caught going to and fro in the midst of all these trials, they’ve seized him and now lay hold upon him, I have sent Uriel, Ramiel and Raphael. Then Michael the final war in these heavens have begun, may there be glory to God in the highest, peace and good will to heaven, the earth and even under the earth. <<<"I don’t His Ancient understand, what are you asking of me? They need to hear from you, city of tranquility and hope, will you now speak with them? I, I don’t know how, what to say. You don’t have to, loan them your heart and the words, the sentiment will follow, I assure you, so I can’t Highness, get this wrong? As Long as you love them as greatly as you love them Lord Urusalim there is no margin for error, this all look familiar, I stood here before, spoke to them before, yes Magnificent one, speak to them now," that just as soon as His Ancient said that, did her mouth open to an unknown, that’s a sorely wondrous language issuing up from every particle of her being at spreading itself along the canons of oceans, seas, and mountains. As so the highways and byways, at sprouting hallelujahs through-out the entire lives, lands and territories of the earth and man how stupendously beyond any portrayal.

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