Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah XVIII

…For The Lord God Giveth Them Light …

-"What did you tell the earthers?" Had a loud cry unlike anything even Gabriel is to denote concerningly just radiate itself across heaven, earth and even the regions of hell, would said cry uproot and bring to Satan’s fading seat every fallen angel and demonic entity in his marshal. "You know what I told them?" With nothing but two glistening lights cutting through the darkness all around Him, his this divine one’s eyes. "I told them the great wrath of the Supremes’ Day is come and who evil one shall be able to stand? You lie, these are all Lies!" Angrily crashing a huge container to the floor at radiating a loud, dulling noise all around, had things, ancient plans so purpose faded into oblivion, "nothing but lies. What is happen? I assume the tradeoff didn’t go as suspected? Tell me the truth delighted one or I’ll pluck your wings one by one, that black warden would take an eternity and you don’t have that manner of time. Yes," as one laying a single finger for thinking to his chin, could Gabriel not believe he was going alone with these ridiculous events, but all for the fulfillment of prophecy. "Seeing you’re to have one wing per angelic host, regard-less, Lord Urusalim is the concluding factor of the Supremes Kingdom, both a lineage of the anointed and mankind. Yes Hallow One and I’m but a member of His royal palaces, it is ill-advised to think Prince Israel is to trade me for Her, perhaps this is why He has loosed them. Them my immoral custodian? Them, the four bond angels, the Prathes, Asia, the Armenian mountains, "ahhhhh," developing a manner of mal-contempt on his own, a spinal cord shivery but was this news concerning for him as well, that even as every revelation sicken him to death, his intended reign falter mightily. "That is to mean Lord Darkness, Apollyon will no doubt follow, then there’s to be nothing for you to rule but a greater formation of ruin, chaos and eventually a black void. Not your spirited, winged one if I take heaven’s throne, having Lord Urusalim at my side there is no other reality, don’t you this profane warden mean fantasy, I mean who is your consultant and to what magnitude is his intellect impaired so? You laugh now mightily winged one but one day the whole of heaven will view me from the bottom of darkness as even as you, I am Gabriel, heavens man, I’ve been at this with you Lucifer for as long as His Highness is Ancient, hear thine brother so forsaken by you and yours when I tell you, only His Ancient will has and will continually be done, you know this and yet you still persist, you Lucifer Once so mighty and true, know this. I know nothing, and you are released for all days, years and ancient to come, I have no further use of you, so now Lucifer I’m thine enemy because I tell you the truth, your truth Ga-bre-el, your truth, now be off with you, be off with you forever!” <<<"No Lord I strongly disagree" having come in on many conversing, even the Ancient Throne, the Twenty-Four Elders, “one, he won’t harm Lord Gabriel, two he can’t kill him, nor hold him prison against his will, thus and so, three he know Lord Urusalim will not be traded for him. This my Anointed Cherub isn’t at all as it appear, no it would seem my Lord Holiest it’s with purpose that Lord Gabriel most of all is to be taken out of the way. Lord Michael," as one showing a sign of relieving himself at coming in on the most astonishing debate of all eternity, as all eternity was involved. "I’m pleased you’re to join us, and of course Lord Israel you’re right, but only partially, this mounting treason is to diminish Gabriel’s surcharge but isn’t it Lord Michael, Holy Cherub, testament with purpose at distracting us from more developed plans than these? If my Lord He’s to rule these heavens as he’s persuaded for the ancient then he will no doubt stop at nothing, and my graces I mean nothing that Lord Urusalim rule even at his right hand. So," with such highlights springing the Supremes’ Christ abruptly to his feet, as one visibly uprooted by this inclusion, these projected yet perverse revelations were this divinely extrusive. "Then the war that is to end all wars is upon even the third places of heavens, you Dominion as the intact allocation of these heavens have your orders follow them well and be release accordingly, as you will Lord Highness. "So," setting a clear inquiry Michael’s way had the heavens of all things that is, was and yet to come back brought back to its most trying times but without corruption’s prevail. "Who can’t I trust? You’re right Lord Anointed One if you’re to think they’re to come for her, come Lord in a way and by a way we’re not to expect, even through or by a host of this holy mountain. But that would mean the possibility would be undetectable seeing said host is innumerable, believe me Lord Michael when I’m to say it is one of us and we’re to put the immeasurable contributions of these consecrated antechambers to work if we’re to discover the identity of this scandalous interruption. <<<"Speak to me," as one knocking on Gabriel’s penitentiary at bringing his attention again his way, at inquiring of his earthbound mission still, “are you ready great one at speaking the truth, and what truth lowest one, bottom feeder would that be? The Earthers, what did you tell them? First you set me free, then you bring me again into this dark waste of time, where I not only see, but can smell your defeat so mightily, if you must know I informed them how it is the fulfillment of all things is upon them, thus and so whosoever shall call upon the Supremes’ Christ shall be saved. What?" Dramatically displaying his disapproval did this news above all immensely disrupt him, even his varied plans. "That would mean Black of the day no more churches, no more congregations or denominations and so on, no more preachers preaching, hitherto no more ways darkest corner by which you’ve slain a myriad. So that’s their new hope? I’ve sensed the very stench of it in my nostrils and thus upon my readied tongue, but that is ok, every one of them that’s to cry Lord remember me will do so screaming from an agonizing abyss. By now Lord Lucifer the host of heaven would have realized the reason by which you’re to keep me are fallacious at best, making said speciousness your permanent death trap. Ah I’m dead your most honored but so is all things that’s to stand in my way, then loose me and lay down quietly black of the evening sky, loose me and lay down quietly."

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