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Maaseiah XV

…And There Shall Be No Night There…
Scene XV

-”I remember when I asked the question why was hell eternal? Of course I knew the answer as all of its inhabitants are eternal beings. I mean I know people can be horrible, how I’ve been around some very appalling people, even in my household. Have mercy Lord, she was quoting the 51st psalm, ‘Forgive me O God, according to thy loving kindness, according unto the multitudes of thy tender mercies, blot out mine transgressions, wash me thoroughly from mine iniquities and cleanse me from sin. "Yes Lord Urusalim I know, her name is Lydian, you know her name? I know all of their names, as so do you, Lydian?” That as a light most luminous is to come all at once at her knowing, and seeing just as described of her, at her comprehending. “She was pregnant, abandon, she didn’t know how to deal with it, thus she ended her life with the 51st psalm on her lips. It’s won’t Lord Urusalim always be this way, especially whenever we’re to visit, it’s to bring a form of peace and tranquility unspeakable. Surely these are only good sounding words, is there truly Prince Lord a way to put a soul to rest? I can’t believe Eldest One you’re asking me that question, what is the look of, with such awe? You my Lord called me Elder, that’s what you are, yes even here Maaseiah, in these here high heavens, thou art one laboring unto the lost as an Elder. Then Highest Lord of Israel, of the House of David, you fully understand what it is I ask of you? Surely Maaseiah you flatter? No, Lord, you’re right, you speak the truth, your heart Maaseiah is truth. You do know sweetest one ever I’ve known that I’ve considered this as well, sought of the ELOHIM as well, and what did His, my Lord discover? Because dearest Lord so full of mercy, I cannot bear it, that souls will suffer for all of time, never finding rest. You precious one,” touching her dampen cheek at bringing her sad gaze into his own, what a stunning beyond description alliance Elohim indeed hath made unto Him, unto the entire paradise of Heaven, His Lord Urusalem. “You need not whisper, no thing that is thought or spoken between these here divine walls can suppress the Father Lord, nor these exalted places as an entire, the Elohim know what you seek Maaseiah and why it is you seek. Then you my Lord of Host know the answer? The Elohim Maaseiah know the answer, you are Lord Urusalem, that now includes you, you too know this answer, then there’s no way of escape, then my Lord, my precious think again, for surely the more they accept their fate, the less they will suffer, all Mercy On high! The more they fight against the truth of it all, the more are they to be overcome by this falseness torturous ways, I don’t know sweetest one if that is to somehow Medicaid this softness of heart you’re to bear, but that is about as merciful as this torture-prone jurisdiction of mankind’s imprudence is to allow, as always peace of mind Lord Urusalem is the soul’s single release. As so will such things change after the great white throne judgment, whereas the mountains, hills and valleys, as so the many seas and oceans are all to give up their dead whereas some of those in these dark crevices could be acquitted. As it was with me, excuse me? How I awaken only seconds later to darkness and a void indescribable, it was a hollowness my Lord and a stillness incomprehensible until one approached me, one who held a hand toward me and told me to come. That when I came light came under my feet with every step and eventually all around until I perceived I was walking in revelation, the same one spoken by John, or so Maaseiah you thought, not knowing great revelations of thine own awaited. I don’t know what is happening to me,” as one displaying a finger sparkling with a single tear once wriggling down her cheek at wondering whether she and Christians Cros were finally this unquenchable, dolefully transmittable spectacle, was Lord Urusalim inundated with uncertainty. “Is this even real? I never thought it could be this personal, or Lord Urusalim this physical, but it is all things promised mankind from our first parents to the Supremes Kingdom come. A crystal water fall roars and thunder behind them, an ocean of white floras surrounds them as they’re summoned to the final analysis of their concluding concert, what are you quoting, even recounting? It was something Christian Cros told me, another descriptor of this phenomena marriage he’s to witness. I gravely my lord felt him in our midst last night, he disappeared from the earth only days prior to myself and I’ve been so departed without him. Ah yes,” literally as one displaying himself displeased at the very assumption, even discontented, but of course that wasn’t at all possible. "Christian Cros, you are Lord Urusalim pleased with him?“ Amiably drawing himself close at laying his forward into hers, did they as yet de-materialize into this inexpressible singularity as only they could. "Please my Lord, tell me, yes he was a representative of me on the earth as I was of him, it was him you were to know in ways unexplainable one night past, even now, as he and I are this one. "My lord Israel," with Lord Hahaiah coming in as a visual transmission was their special coupling as so interrupted for now. "Speak truly Lords, Los, Azazel, Shemhazai and Nanna are being loosed from their bonds at the Pharates River, they’re to act my lord as a disincentive to the impious ones efforts. Loosed?" Not wanting to break off this phenomenally engaging occasion, was hearing this news proof they were at this point of no return. "Then Lord Hahaiah the kingdoms of both evil and man are at this arena of no homecoming, unto the Ancient One’s Reign. This fascinating gift Lord Urusalim is what I’ve anticipated since the moment you’ve come, this divine ecstasy, cheerfulness and serenity, if knowing he’s here with you radiant this marvelous ness so then I too am happy. You are unto assignments gracious one, as so am I, I pray what you have learn here this day, will suffice, it will my Lord, it has and it will, good, I will as always sweetest one, see you soon, will you not come my lord? Beckon Jeduthun to the seventeenth hall," readying his unexplainable cloak at yet maintaining a vexing eye to eye contact affix permanently to her own, that they’re to be this implacably in love and marriage. "Convene the High Officialdom, that is just it holy one, all regarding thrones, Dominations and Principalities have been summoned before the Supremes’ Throne, it is that urgent. Lord Gabriel and Lord Michael? Like in the times of Lord Daniel no one Lord Israel at this point know, then Lord Hahaiah I’m right on your heels aren’t I? As so the Olive branches, the multitudinous wine press all Lord Urusalim await your approval, await my approval? I’m afraid I don’t understand, go Lord Hahaiah, at your request lord, the Olives Branches, the Wine Press, how will I ever face them? Just Lord Urusalim as you faced Lord Ezekiel, Gabriel, even His Ancient, as so thine own bridegroom, you will come, and you will know, believest thou this? Yes, yes of course, then you understand? Yes, yes I understand, yes I do, just you lead the way, just you Lord Divine follow. You are there? I am, you have always been with me? I have, always? Always Lord So True, I’ve always referred to you as Holy Spirit, and it Lord Holy has been most rewarding, now I know you are Lord Izidkiel, at your service as always wondrous one. Was the Lord, Holy Ones answer most worthy of acceptation, yes, as always Lord Izidkiel it indeed was, is, we have assignments as usual wondrous one, yes, and I’m most anxious, as you lead I, Lord Izidkiel will follow.” <<<”And you shall never thirst again,” as dearest Lamb spoken to the woman at Jacob’s well, will this truth Hallowed Father On High ever for Lord Urusalem be realized? She is yet in much peril over the dungeons and the myriad lost to there, yes I just now dearest Lord shared her most indebt unease, it is to be anticipated is it not, having the manner of benevolent heart as this? It isn’t as of much concern My Son as you perhaps, Urusalem is new to these high places, she has much to learn, yes, of course Ancient Father, of course. So what does the earthers think of their new god, surely you make mockery, then Hallowed Father as long suffering I apologize, some are as fearful as to serve him, others just as fearful are to flee him, though the veil regarding his reveal is lifted apart for all times. Many will perish as suspected, as is apparent with Hades exultant service, though most sweetest Lord with their souls intact, for we father Lord wrestle not against flesh and blood, as such is sword like evident crying aloud, sparing not, woe unto the earth’s inhabitant as Helel having a little space and great wrath is come down to you.”

...From Poetry Rising 04/09/2003,
…The Interval…

-Whether it’s Nicholas Edin summoning his Tiffany Ann, or Sioux Noel his Maaseiah Adonai or Christian Cros his Lord Urusalim eternal ‘Failing Nights’is a heartfelt admission inconceivable of how lonesome. Or how we, mankind long for his one single, most proficient, even God induced love affair so immortal…Henceforth this Apostle give you…

Failing Nights

-My Dear Maaseiah, the failing nights are laying a foundation of solitude and isolation is all but drilling lastingness and continuance has to offer. It is those encounters you hold fast, as well their well-versed voices, chatter and laughter and soon. Just as soon a sunup bring on its heel an even more drooling after dark than lonesomeness. How to spend this great imperilment I beseech thee, this dismal archenemy and my sole heart its sitting duck?

-Although this night judiciously contiguous and adjacent to impending regions. Another half sown apart and away from me by an inevitable yet unyielding loathing, where art thou immortal life, love? When art thou? We're discovered tend toward our cognition, we're blasted with shamefacedness and yes leaning there where we will not, or it's perhaps cannot, we're incapable of realizing the heart of man, his kind.

-However beloved who is to care? Capable instead are we at comprehending the heart of the Supreme, whose heart upon which I'm twin. Yes I'm twofold and retrieved as one anguishing extensively in the direction of my undying one. That we neither overdraw nor desist but hope for one the other, summoning ourselves to an appointment of performing singleness.

-This night so distinctive, imperiling me so, breaking down a given up soul, hark tis a voice "remember from whence thou art broken and mend, mend it say mend and bring thyself again.” Accounted for and absorbed, a sharp, eerie silence in my shadow's blood. He is those fallen in love, I heard you so well, a cup of trembling, overflowing and spilled.

-Today thou begun a voyage into the bewitching hour, collaborating with time's duration on its intended cower. En route for eternity art my love gone deep, how deep my love, indeed what character, which stage, as I'm to discover unremittingly thy loathsome fate? Yes thou art mine immortal, the occurrence of a wild yonder breeze, recover thy beloved again, I beseech thee. From Beast of Beauty, fea. Maaseiah Adonai and Arise Sioux Noel, Wr. By: Patricia A Bradford, Apostle, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM) (c) copyright 2008-2014

The First Female, Marriage Supper

-Like portrayed in this amazing work, the first ever I spoke out in an unknown tongue I was in the heavens, in a space there, looking into the second heavens (universe), then upon the first heavens and soon all nations of the world below. Justly looking down and speaking unto them in a tongue unknown to me a toll but was it understood in every language upon the earth. Immediately I thought to myself how could men of the world take something as extraordinary as the unknown tongue issuing up from, seemingly through every fiber of my being and blood? Just as so how could they take something so beyond description and rise up instead into spirits of envy, jealousy, strife and every evil work? Into apostate churches, congregations and preachers, preaching, into abominable lives, lands and churches?

-Truly primetime television is inundated with what is being labored ‘Reality TV,’ their not realizing what’s transpiring in heaven is what could be the church bride and the first female, even human remnant ever to ascend to the Kingdom of Heaven. How the Holy Spirits that be want you to realize how by the living word from Genesis to Revelation there is only one reality. That’s one divine practicality, how the earth at present, the heavens, the fullness thereof is the Lord God, all of which is passing away into a newness unthinkable per His Kingdom Coming. Whereas only those who worship Elohim as of Jesus Christ’s Cross is the only human remnant which is to reign with them forever, forget going green, go red, even white, the redeeming blood of Christ’s Cross, again I give you Lord Urusalim (Jerusalem, City Of Peace)…

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