Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maaseiah IV

…In The Midst Of The Street Of It…
Scene IV

-"Now that would take forever," fixing her eyes upon a white, pearl, never-ending, winding staircase spiraling no doubt from her right into the Ancient’s throne, one with playing children up and down and all round it. "It just appear that way I assure you, you’re afraid of me? No, not Maaseiah as in your definition of fear, I’m cautious that’s all, as you I’ve waited for these moments eternally it seems now they’re to be approached with prudence and trembling. Why did you leave us?" Activating a nostril to stinging, eyes, as she’s to imagine all the suffering that has been endured at heaven’s unending pause, “why did you stay away so long? I had to leave, I had to return to my Father, to his glorified side, as I was to be glorified, and once I was there the decision upon my return was in his hand alone. I know Maaseiah the suffering down there, the horror was all so paramount, you must realize we experienced it too, every sorrow, every pain, every death Maaseiah." "Yet my Lord you hesitated," as one swabbing her dampen nose into a lengthy inhale, exhale was she actually in heaven or was it all a dream and for how long this time? "For duration, promises and prophecies, ---you’re sure this is not all a dream and I’m not to awaken to the region of, ---come," surprised that he’s to hand her his hand after the firing, electrical currents performing themselves the last time. No doubt it remind her of the hand offered her of Nicholas Edin that night most horrid. "It’s ok, it’s turn off kinda, it’s Ezekiel," having fast forward to other regions of heaven’s throne was she now fitting her eyes upon an older, gray person, one she instantly knew as the prophet Ezekiel. “Then it’s true, here we’re to know one another, yes and on that note Maaseiah I release you to him, there’s much he’s to show you, go. Remember Lord Maaseiah, eyes hath not seen, nor ears heard, nor hath it entered into the hearts of man, the things, ---yes, the things the Supreme hath prepared for those who LOVE HIM.”

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